Realme Chroma Boost Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

Chroma Boost Samples of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive + The Griffith Observatory

Chroma Boost Samples Of Hollywood + Rodeo Drive

We only had a short stay in Los Angeles, so we hit the usual tourist spots in Hollywood and Rodeo Drive.

First up is the TCL Chinese Theatre, located oh the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Many still know it as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

As it so happened, they barricaded it for the premiere of Catch-22. But this made it a great opportunity to use Chroma Boost – there was no one running across to spoil the shot!

While famous for its luxury boutique stores, Rodeo Drive isn’t very picturesque.

Arguably, the most picturesque spot is this internal street of the Two Rodeo shopping mall, which I believe is known as Via Rodeo Drive?

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Chroma Boost Samples Of The Griffith Observatory

Sitting on the top of Mount Hollywood is the Griffith Observatory. It’s an awesome spot to look out at downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately, it was a downcast day when we arrived. But Chroma Boost helped to boost exposure, and give the colours a little more pep.

View of downtown Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory at 2X digital zoom with the Realme 3.

Despite the downcast skies, Chroma Boost brightened the sky and visibly increased the colour of the houses in the foreground.

It is actually possible to use Chroma Boost with moving indoor objects like this Foucault’s Pendulum. Look at the colour.

You just have to time it so that movement is minimal. In this case, it took us several tries to catch the pendulum at the end of the swing.

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