Realme Chroma Boost Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

Chroma Boost Samples of The Golden Gate Bridge + Muir Woods

Chroma Boost Samples Of The Golden Gate Bridge

No tourist to San Francisco will ever skip going to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Featured in countless movies, and even torn apart by the likes of Godzilla, a Kaiju, earthquakes, a tsunami and Magneto, it is the very symbol of San Francisco!

But instead of just heading to the Visitor Center, we trekked to Golden Gate Bridge from the south side on a cold misty morning.

Chroma Boost helped to bring out the colour of the foreground, but the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin headlands remained enveloped in mist.

Here is a closer view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Welcome Center. You can see the bridge trusses clearly detailed, even on its underside.

We then drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to the North Vista Point.

Right next to it is Horseshoe Bay, home to the US Coast Guard Golden Gate Station, and the Presidio Yacht Club.

You can even see Alcatraz Island in the background on the right, and Treasure Island on the far right.

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Chroma Boost Samples Of Muir Woods

To the north of San Francisco is the Muir Woods National Monument. Home to giant California redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens), it is a very beautiful and peaceful place.

Even though these redwoods grow very tall, lighting is not a severe problem for taking photos at the bottom of these giants.

However, if you are attempting to take pictures of them from the bottom up, sunlight could make it really difficult to get a well-exposed shot.

Try using Chroma Boost, or a similar HDR feature, to capture the sunlight shining through the treetops while capturing the intricate bark details that would normally be shrouded in the shadow.

See how well it worked out in these two samples.

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