Realme Chroma Boost Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

Chroma Boost Samples of Alcatraz Island + Downtown San Francisco

Chroma Boost Samples Of Alcatraz Island

A short (but expensive) hop off San Francisco is the infamous Alcatraz Island.

It’s ironic how so many people are clamouring to get into Alcatraz when quite a few prisoners (and guards) lost their lives during several escape attempts…

One thing we like about Chroma Boost is how well it keeps control of the highlights, while lifting out details from the shadows.

This picture was taken in very bright sunlight. Yet you can see the blue sky, and even the clouds!

In this example, the former residential apartments are in the shadow, and would normally look dark. But the doors and windows are clearly visible.

It also work great indoors. Especially if you are taking shots of static objects.

Take a close look at this picture. Not only does it have great dynamic range, it managed to capture the bird flying and the Oakland Bay Bridge in the distance.

In fact, you can even see the sloping streets of San Francisco!

It was not easy to get this shot, but well worth the many tries!

The only problem with using Chroma Boost – it limits the number of photos you can take in a certain amount of time. Not very suitable if you are on a fast moving boat!

In this shot of the Alcatraz Cruises pier, with the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower in the background, note the shadows which show the direction of the sun.

Even though it was very bright, and the shadows much darker in real life, Chroma Boost managed to bring the details out of the shadows. And yet, the sky remained blue and not overblown.

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Chroma Boost Samples Of Downtown San Francisco

Residential buildings in San Francisco are generally not very unique or interesting architecturally. The slopes of San Francisco are what’s truly interesting and unique.

Only when you get to the San Francisco Chinatown do you see more interesting building designs…

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