Realme Caught Using iPhone To Demo narzo 30A Gaming?

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Realme appeared to have used an iPhone to demonstrate the gaming performance of their new narzo 30A smartphone!

Find out what happened, and Realme’s response to this new scandal!


Realme Caught Using iPhone To Demo narzo 30A Gaming?

On 20 March 2021, Realme launched the narzo 30A smartphone in Bangladesh, which was live-streamed.

They arranged for three gamers to play PUBG Mobile live, to demonstrate the narzo 30A’s gaming performance.

However, at around the 18:03 mark of the livestream (now removed!), a pop-up appeared on the screen :

Guided Access Started

Triple-click the Side Button to exit

Guided Access is an Apple iOS feature, and is therefore available ONLY on Apple iPhones.

In other words, the PUBG Mobile game being shown on the screen was from an Apple iPhone, not the narzo 30A as claimed.

Realme Caught Using iPhone To Demo narzo 30A Gaming?


Realme Explains narzo 30A – iPhone Kerfuffle!

This scandal came just days after Realme was exposed for cheating in AnTuTu Benchmark. Realme called it a bug then.

This time, Realme is claiming that the video was pre-recorded due to “local pandemic control policy” and the A1 team sent them the wrong file.

They removed the livestream video, and will republish it after “the re-production is complete“.

Respecting and abiding by the local pandemic control policy, the narzo 30A launch video was planned to be recorded in advance.  Additionally, the launch video involved a narzo 30A hands-on gaming video.

To ensure a better quality video output, the gaming part was recorded by our partner A1 Esports team and sent to the producer, post-recording.

Although the A1 team did use the narzo 30A smartphone for the recording of the gaming part, a wrong file was accidentally sent to the producer, which led to the appearance of a non-realme smartphone in the video.

In response to this issue, we have immediately contacted our A1 team partner to rectify the accident. We shall republish the video after the re-production is complete.

We sincerely apologize for any unanticipated impacts the incident may have caused. Your kind support to the brand is very much appreciated. Please stay tuned with realme for future updates.


We Examine The Realme narzo 30A – iPhone Claims

Going through Realme’s statement, we can’t help but feel troubled by a few “logical inconsistencies”…

Issue #1 : Local Pandemic Control Policy?

What local pandemic control policy? They arranged for three gamers to play PUBG Mobile side-by-side, and without face masks too!

Issue #2 : Pre-Recorded For Better Quality?

If the video was pre-recorded, why was there a need for the A1 team members to stand up there and “pretend play”?

If they were concerned about video quality, they should have just streamed the pre-recorded clip directly, instead of displaying it behind the A1 team members, as a large but pixelated video that lacked contrast.

Issue #3 : They Didn’t Check The Pre-Recorded Video?

What makes even less sense is the claim that the A1 esports team recorded their gameplay using the narzo 30A, but sent them the wrong file.

Why would the A1 esports team record their gameplay on an iPhone, as well as the narzo 30A? Didn’t Realme check the video they received, to make sure it was from their narzo 30A smartphone?

Which is more likely?

a) they accidentally triggered Guided Access during the livestream, or

b) the A1 team recorded the gameplay on an iPhone and narzo 30A, and accidentally sent Realme the wrong file, and Realme didn’t check their gameplay before streaming it onto the big screen?

You may recall that the Realme team blamed a bug for their fantastical AnTuTu benchmark score. They have yet to adequately explain that either…

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narzo 30A – iPhone Scandal : Another Hit To Realme’s Rep

We have been a fan of Realme since they first started with their Realme 2 ProRealme 2 and Realme C1, because they offered really great value for our money.

So we were not surprised by how fast their devices improved, and how fast they grew. Heck, we even took the realme 3 on a photographic trip to the US West Coast, and Las Vegas!

However, a new team apparently took over in the middle of 2019, and it looks like they are willing to risk everything just to gain market share. Perhaps that’s why they coined the tagline, Dare To Leap!.

Since then, they have been hit by revelations that their 90 Hz display only works in certain situations, the recent AnTuTu cheating scandal and now this iPhone streaming scandal.

It’s a real shame, because Realme was doing so well, and building a great reputation for offering great features at a low, low price.

Reputation, as they say, takes a lifetime to build, but can be lost in a second.

We should point out that the Realme narzo 30A is powered by the MediaTek helio G85, which is not affected by the MediaTek benchmark cheating scandal.

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