Realme On AnTuTu Cheating : A Bug? No Guidelines?

Realme just called us up personally to explain their side of the story, and sent us an official response to AnTuTu’s shocking claims of benchmark cheating!

Find out what’s going on, and what this benchmark cheating allegation could mean for the Realme brand, and potential Realme GT customers!


Realme On AnTuTu Cheating : It Was A Bug!

After we posted our coverage of AnTuTu exposing how the new Realme GT cheats at their benchmark, we received a personal call from Realme PR.

We were told that this was simply a misunderstanding of sorts – there was “a technical bug” that caused the “scoring issue“.

Unfortunately, they have yet to reveal what bug would cause the CPU thread delay and mosaic colour block modifications of the AnTuTu Benchmark in Realme GT.

We will update you with the details of this bug, when we receive them from Realme PR.

They also claimed that “for the last few months”, they “tried not to mention anything about AnTuTu Benchmark”, or “associate Realme with AnTuTu Benchmark”.

At this point, we should share that Realme CMO Xu Qi Chase himself posted this (now) infamous screenshot of Realme GT scoring over 770,000 on AnTuTu Benchmark on 20 February 2021 – less than a month ago.


Realme On AnTuTu Cheating : There Were No Guidelines!

Realme then followed up with an official statement, claiming that the realme GT benchmark results are accurate.

They also claimed that the misunderstanding was due to a lack of “official benchmark standards or guidelines“.

Benchmark scores of realme GT are all accurate data under the current versions of the Antutu benchmark.

realme has always been committed to bringing users excellent performance, the actual user experience is the top priority for realme.

On the other hand, regarding the test issues doubted by both sides, we are communicating with Antutu positively now.

Since there is no official benchmark standards or guidelines now, so maybe there are some different understanding between manufacturers and Antutu on how to get a higher benchmark score, so before the final conclusion, we think “cheating” may be misleading for followers, it’s better to change it to “an unverified high score”.

What happened to the bug???

As for guidelines when it comes to benchmarking, we are pretty sure it is as simple as :

  1. Update to the latest firmware.
  2. Clear all other apps.
  3. Run the benchmark as-is, without modifications.

What other guidelines do you need to run AnTuTu, or any other mobile benchmark really?


Realme GT Cheating In AnTuTu Benchmark : A Quick Primer!

AnTuTu just exposed how Realme cheated at their benchmark to obtain the phenomenally high score of over 770,000 that Xu Qi Chase posted above.

After analysing the performance of a retail Realme GT unit, they discovered that it implemented two cheats :

  • Thread Delay : falsely inflating the CPU multi-thread test score by intercepting threads and assigning them to the fast cores.
  • Mosaic Colour Block Modification : falsely inflating the UX score by replacing the details in the reference JPG image with colour blocks.

They then warned that if Realme does not remove the cheats within 3 months, they will ban Realme GT permanently.

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What Does Realme GT Cheating Mean For Potential Customers?

If AnTuTu allegations are true, this is going to really spike the sale of the Realme GT, which is set to launch in many countries.

Especially when this incident reminds potential buyers of the time when Realme was caught faking the 90 Hz display on the Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro.

Perhaps that is why Realme has been reluctant to send their smartphones to be reviewed, relying instead on influencers and online sales to sell their smartphones.

This new AnTuTu Benchmark cheating scandal could be a serious blow to Realme’s credibility, and a tipping point for the Realme brand.

It became a fast-rising brand by borrowing the Xiaomi model of offering a ton of features at very low prices.

The fact that Realme has a flagship smartphone powered by the latest Snapdragon 888 SoC should be a testament to how far it came, so quickly.

Yet it appears that they will go way beyond aggressive pricing and other usual tactics to win market share.

Potential customers (and other benchmark developers) will now wonder – if the Realme GT was caught cheating in AnTuTu, could it also be cheating in other benchmarks?

Even worse – what other Realme smartphones employ such tactics to obtain higher than normal scores? This will be a real PR headache.

We should point out though that benchmark cheating is not limited to smartphone brands. Even MediaTek was caught cheating in 8 of their chipsets, involving more than 50 smartphones from Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and yes, Realme too.

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