The Realme 3 (RMX1821) Review – An Incredible Bargain!

Realme 3 Camera Features + Ergonomics

Better Cameras

The Realme 3 (64 GB | 32 GB) has a new 13 MP main camera with a new, brighter f/1.8 lens. While it is still a 13 MP sensor, this sensor has larger 1.12 µm pixels.

The brighter lens and larger pixels will deliver better low-light performance with lower noise levels.

In addition, this new camera now supports 90 fps slow-motion video recording at the 720p resolution.

Like the Realme 2, it is still paired with a 2 MP depth sensor, and supported by a single LED flash.

The depth sensor does not actually take any pictures. Instead, it lets the camera to more accurately differentiate the subject from its background, allowing for more realistic software bokeh effects..

The front camera has been upgraded with a higher-resolution 13 MP sensor with a brighter f/2.0 lens. The Realme 2, you may recall, has an 8 MP front camera with f/2.2 lens.


Nightscape Mode

For the first time at this price range, the Realme 3 (64 GB | 32 GB) camera has a Nightscape mode.

Like the HDR feature, it takes multiple shots in quick succession and combine them for a brighter scene, and to bring out the details in the shadows.

Nightscape goes beyond, applying a combination of AI and anti-shake algorithms to dramatically increase exposure in extremely dim lighting, while keeping noise under control.


Chroma Boost Mode

Also new to this price range is the Realme 3’s Chroma Boost mode. It is similar to the Scene Optimiser feature in flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ or the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

It uses AI algorithms to recognise scenes in a photo, and automatically optimise the photo’s colour, dynamic range and detail. The resulting pictures have greater dynamic range and have more vivid colours.



Despite its large display size, the Realme 3 (64 GB | 32 GB) is just 75.6 mm wide, and 156.1 mm tall. Thanks to its narrow bezels and dewdrop notch, it feels relatively compact in the hand.

Even though it only delivers a HD+ resolution on such a large screen, the icons and text look sharp and crisp. Realme did not reveal its maximum brightness, but it held up well in bright sunlight.

The ultra-wide aspect ratio is great for playing games, but you will have to live with some pillarboxing – a black bar on each side of a movie.

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