How To Check If You Have The Real Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

The Nokia 8110 Banana Phone was famous for being featured in The Matrix. Needless to say, nostalgia ensured that the revived Nokia 8110 was an instant hit for HMD Global. However, its popularity ensured a steady stream of counterfeit banana phones. Can you tell which is the real Nokia 8110 banana phone?


Deluge Of Fake Nokia 8110 Banana Phones

HMD Global is right to be concerned about counterfeit banana phones. They eat into the sales of their hit model, and could negatively impact the Nokia brand if people have a bad experience with these fake banana phones, but believe it’s the real banana phone.


Will The Real Banana Phone Please Stand Up?

At a recent exclusive session, HMD Global shared with us two fake banana phone examples. Take a look and see if you can tell the difference.


How To Identify A Fake Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

HMD Global shared with us some tips on how to identify the fake banana phone models.

While the fake banana phone models may look similar to the real Nokia 8110 4G, they have poorer build quality, with smaller, duller displays. They also have less capabilities than the real banana phone.

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How To Identify The REAL Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

Here in Malaysia, the real Nokia 8110 4G banana phone is distributed and sold by AVAXX Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. So you should always look for the AVAXX sticker on the packaging.

The real Nokia 8110 4G banana phone is available in two colours – Traditional Black (the Matrix phone!) and Banana Yellow (for you monkeys!), with a recommended retail price of RM 285 / ~US$ 70.  Sp be VERY SUSPICIOUS about any banana phones being sold for much less!


Where To Buy The REAL Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

To make sure you get the real deal, here are some purchase links of the REAL Nokia 8110 banana phone :

  • Malaysia (Black or Yellow) : RM 285 (Web | App)
  • United States : $128.99 (Black | Yellow)


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