The PRO Mode Photography Guide For HUAWEI P30 Series!

PRO Mode Photo Samples + Settings


PRO Mode Photo Samples From The HUAWEI P30 Pro!

Now, let’s take a look at some PRO Mode samples from a few professional photographers using the HUAWEI P30 Pro.

Be sure to check out the PRO mode settings they used. You can recreate similar photos using the same settings!

PRO Mode Photo Sample #1 : Abeden Mung

ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/3236 sec | f/1.6 | 6 mm

PRO Mode Photo Sample #2 : Amsyar Naaif

ISO 640 | Shutter Speed 6 sec | f/1.6 | 6 mm

PRO Mode Photo Sample #3 : Sanjitpaal Singh

ISO 500 | Shutter Speed 1/25 sec | f/2.2 | 2 mm

PRO Mode Photo Sample #4 : Zarnizar

ISO 64 | Shutter Speed 1/120 sec | f/3.4 | 14 mm


HUAWEI NEXT Image Awards 2019

Armed with your new-found knowledge about the PRO Mode functions, go out and take some awesome photos!

Then submit them to the NEXT Image Awards for the opportunity to win US$20,000 and a HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone!


HUAWEI P30 Series Promotions

The HUAWEI P30 is currently priced at RM 2,699 (~US$648 / ~£498 / ~€577), and comes with a free Wireless Charging Case, and a free HUAWEI Wireless Charger.

The HUAWEI P30 Pro is currently priced at RM 3,799 (~US$912 / ~£700 / €1,099), and comes with a free HUAWEI Talkband B5 smartwatch worth RM 599 / ~US$144 / ~£277 / ~€120

On top of that, every purchase of HUAWEI products that exceed RM 1,500 (~US$360 / ~£700 / ~€321) will give you a chance to win the lucky draw prizes

First Prize : Two return flight tickets to Tokyo, Japan
2 X Second Prize : HUAWEI P30 Pro 256 GB smartphone
2 X Third Prize : HUAWEI Watch GT


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