Over The Horizon 2020 : An Acoustic Remix!

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Over The Horizon is an iconic theme sound for Samsung Galaxy devices, and Samsung just unveiled their 2020 acoustic remix with a video to boot!

Take a moment to relax with their new soothing, back-to-nature Over The Horizon 2020 music video…

Over The Horizon 2020 : An Acoustic Remix!


Over The Horizon 2020 : An Acoustic Remix!

As Samsung gets ready to unpack the Galaxy S20 smartphones, they took a moment to chill out with the new Over The Horizon 2020 – a soothing acoustic remix of their signature theme sound!

To complement the back-to-nature vibe of this acoustic remix, Samsung produce this special video showcasing the natural world in all its glory, to remind us to take a moment every now and then to stop and smell the roses.

With each new generation of Galaxy devices comes a fresh new take on the “Over the Horizon” theme, and at the core of this year’s version is the power of nature itself. In order to capture the harmonious working of the natural world in all its glory, Samsung placed monochords in various natural locations in order to harness the power of nature for music.

Powered by the natural force of running water, the monochords operate thanks to a rotor- and pulley-based mechanism. As the mechanism rotates, it triggers the monochords to pluck their respective strings in the correct order. The resulting musical refrain has the unique characteristic of having been played solely by the force of nature.

On top of the monochord melody, Samsung also emphasized sounds like running water and chirping birds and kept the use of electronic elements to a minimum in order to help maximize the listener’s connection with the relaxing sounds of nature.


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