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The OPPO R17 Pro Smartphone In-Depth Review!

OPPO R17 Pro Camera Performance - Video Recording

OPPO R17 Pro Camera Performance – Video Recording

The OPPO R17 Pro (MY | US) can record not just 1080p videos, but also 4K videos. Surprisingly, its front camera can only record 1080p videos even though it has a much higher-resolution sensor.

Video Recording Test #1 : Piano Performance (1080p)

In this video, watch carefully when we switch between the main camera and the telephoto camera, and back. You will see that while the main camera is stabilised, the telephoto camera is not.

The audio range is surprisingly rich and balanced. However, it has rather poor noise cancellation capabilities, which means you will record a lot of background noise.

Video Recording Test #2 : Piano Performance (4K)

When we switched to 4K, we immediately noticed a drop in the main camera’s stabilisation capabilities. It is still optically stabilised but no longer electronically stabilised. Basically, it performs just like the telephoto camera.

Video Recording Test #3 : Xmas Carnival (1080p)

This 1080p video recording shows the effectiveness of the main camera’s OIS and EIS capabilities. While rather impressive, it could do with a little fine-tuning.

You may note some jerkiness when we pan the R17 Pro. It means the EIS has been overly optimised for static shots. It needs to be “loosen” for better stabilisation while walking.

Video Recording Test #4 : Xmas Carnival (4K)

When you record in 4K, there is basically no electronic image stabilisation. You can literally feel every step we took.

But note too how much detail it captures, and how well it adjusts to changing lighting conditions.

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Video Recording Test #5 : Street Market (1080p)

Again, this shows just how stable the video is at 1080p. But note the presence of wind noise. OPPO should look at adding wind reduction capabilities to the R17 Pro.

Video Recording Test #6 : Street Market (4K)

Because the flooring is not entirely flat in the street market, this video will show you just how much of a difference EIS makes in a video recording.

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