OPPO 125W Wired + 65W Wireless Charging Tech Details!

OPPO just unveiled 125W wired flash charging and 65W wireless charging – the fastest in the world!

Get briefed on the new OPPO flash charging technologies, and find out if they really matter!


OPPO Reveals 125W Wired + 65W Wireless Charging Technologies!

Let’s start with the official tech briefing on the two new fast charging technologies.

OPPO 125W Flash Charge (Wired)

The new OPPO 125W wired flash charging technology is built around a Double 6C cell battery, with multiple tab winding technology – allowing for a much higher input current of 12.5 A.

The new battery charging technology also uses three parallel charge pumps, which converts the charger input of 20V @ 6.25A into 10V @ 12.5A, with a 98% conversion efficiency.

To ensure the battery charges safely, OPPO added 10 new temperature sensors, to make sure the phone temperature do not exceed 40°C.

At 125W full power, it will recharge a 4,000 mAh battery to 41% in 5 minutes, and to full capacity in just 20 minutes.

However, this is a prototype technology, which will not soon make it into any phone.

OPPO 65W AirVOOC (Wireless)

OPPO claims that the 65W AirVOOC will deliver the same charging performance as 65W SuperVOOC, thanks to parallel dual charging coils with an 88% charging efficiency.

This allows it to fully recharge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 30 minutes! Crazy fast for wireless charging!

To ensure that the phone temperature does not exceed 40°C, the AirVOOC wireless charger uses two thermoelectric coolers (Peltier heat pumps) to whisk the heat away from the charging phone.

However, anyone who has ever used a Peltier can tell you that it gets very hot on the other side!

While OPPO claims an 88% transmission and receiving efficiency, the power required for thermoelectric cooling will greatly reduce AirVOOC’s power efficiency.


Two OPPO GaN Fast Chargers

OPPO also announced two fast chargers that use GaN technology to greatly reduce their sizes.

This is the OPPO 50W mini SuperVOOC charger, which is about the size of a business card, and weighs just 60 grams.

And this is the OPPO 110W mini flash charger, which offers 110W of pulse charging in a charge the size of a regular 18W fast charger.


OPPO 125W Flash Charge | 65W AirVOOC : Vapourware?

First, we have to point out that these are, as far as we know, still prototypes that may or may not make it to the market.

After all, OPPO announced their 120W Super FlashCharge last year, and nothing come of it. No phone launched with 120W flash charging capability, not even from OPPO.

So will OPPO introduce 125W flash charging or 65W AirVOOC? Unlikely anytime soon.

Find out WHY in our opinion piece : OPPO 125W Flash Charge | 65W AirVOOC : Vapourware?


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