How To Get Your Mom Featured With Samsung Galaxy!

Samsung just showcased the mothers of their employees, and is offering YOU the chance to feature your mom too! Find out how to get your Mom featured with Samsung Galaxy!


How To Get Your Mom Featured With Samsung Galaxy!

Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Google Duo, video calling Mom and loved ones is as easy as sending a text.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, Samsung employees from all around the world connected with their moms via video call.

From reliving special memories to expressing future hopes, the calls brought the families closer together, even when they are apart.

You can also get your mom featured with Samsung Galaxy! All you have to do is :

  1. Follow Samsung Mobile on Instagram
  2. Take a photo or video of your Mom with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  3. Post it on Instagram using the #withGalaxy hashtag

That’s it! With a little luck, the photo or video of your Mom that you took with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone will get featured by Samsung!


Tips On Getting Your Mom Featured With Samsung Galaxy!

When it comes to capturing your memories with Mom, use the Samsung Galaxy S20’s pro-grade camera to get the perfect shot.

Enjoy a cutting-edge camera sensor that lets in more light and detail than ever before, so photos of mom are always crystal clear.

And with Single Take mode, you can stay in the moment while Mom opens up her presents— the S20’s lenses grab a variety of images and videos, at once, so you can pick your favourites once the festivities are over.

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Samsung : Buy Mom A New Galaxy Smartphone!

Here are the online purchase options for the Samsung Galaxy S20 +  Galaxy Z Flip smartphones :



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United Kingdom



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