The Maxis Zerolution360 Programme Explained + Analysed!

Maxis today unveiled a new worry-free phone leasing programme – the Maxis Zerolution360! Find out how Zerolution360 works, and how it might just be the ideal option for you!

Updated @ 12 August 2018 : Added the Keeping The Device Comparison.

Updated @ 11 August 2018 : Added the Value Comparison and Free Gifts section. Added the feature differentiation between the Basic and Premium plans.

Originally posted @ 10 August 2018


The Maxis Zerolution360 Worry-Free Programme

Maxis Zerolution360 is a phone leasing programme that is designed to eliminate all of the pain points and worries you may have when you purchase an expensive flagship smartphone.

With Zerolution360, you can choose any flagship smartphone offered under the programme and a MaxisONE plan to pair with it. There is ZERO upfront payment and NO contract. A credit card is not even needed. On top of that, you will enjoy these special benefits :

Zerolution360 Basic

  • Immediate one-for-one replacement for lost or damaged devices (within 2 hours in the Klang Valley)
  • Comprehensive device protection for accidental damages, including cracked screen and liquid damage.
  • Free flagship device upgrade every TWO YEARS, with annual upgrades available for an additional fee.

Zerolution360 Premium (RM 10 per month extra)

  • Priority Repair Service – as fast as 24 hours!
  • Free back-up loan device (within 2 hours in the Klang Valley)
  • One-time FREE screen replacement.


What Smartphones Are Currently Offered?

Maxis is starting with just five Android devices. They will add more Android devices over time, and even include Apple iPhones in the near future.


Zerolution360 Value Comparison

We compared the savings for each device in the table below. As you can see, Zerolution360 for the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and the Galaxy S9 offers incredible value. On top of enjoying the special benefits, you save ⅓ of the price!

Smartphones Zerolution360
(Per Month)
(Two Years)
RRP Difference Savings
Samsung Galaxy Note9 (128 GB) RM 99 RM 2,376 RM 3,699 – RM 1,323 35.7%
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (128 GB) RM 145 RM 3,480 RM 3,769 – RM 289 7.7%
Samsung Galaxy S9 (64 GB) RM 89 RM 2,136 RM 3,109 – RM 973 31.3%
Huawei P20 Pro RM 116 RM 2,784 RM 2,899 – RM 115 4.0%
Huawei P20 RM 86 RM 2,064 RM 2,299 – RM 235 10.2%


What About The Free Gifts?

Some smartphones may come with free gifts, like the awesome Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch that comes free with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 pre-order,

However, Maxis Zerolution360 is a leasing programme, so technically you don’t own the device. Therefore, even the free gifts that come with the device would belong to Maxis as well.

In short, no, you won’t get any free gifts with your device under Zerolution360.


What If I Want To Keep My Device After 2 Years?

According to Maxis, you will be allowed to keep your device after two years for a fee. You will need to pay between 20%-25% to keep your device. Here is a value comparison between Zerolution360, and the regular Zerolution instalment plan, if you wish to keep the device after 2 years :

Smartphones Zerolution360
(Two Year + Devices)
(Two Years + Device)
Samsung Galaxy Note9 (128 GB) (RM 99 x 24) + 25%
= RM 3,300.75
NA, but RRP
= RM 3,699
– RM 398.25 (10.8%)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (128 GB) (RM 145 x 24) + 25%
= RM 4,422.25
RM 157 x 24
= RM 3,768
+ RM 654.25 (17.4%)
Samsung Galaxy S9 (64 GB) (RM 89 x 24) + 25%
= RM 2,913.25
RM 129 x 24
= RM 3,096
– RM 182.75 (5.9%)
Huawei P20 Pro (RM 116 x 24) + 25%
= RM 3,508.75
RM 120 x 24
= RM 2,880
+ RM 628.75 (21.8%)
Huawei P20 (RM 86 x 24) + 25%
= RM 2,638.75
RM 95 x 24
= RM 2,280
+ RM 358.75 (15.2%)

As you can see, the only device that offers actual net savings under the Zerolution360 plan is the Samsung Galaxy S9. The other devices will cost you anywhere from an extra RM 350 to RM 650 to keep the device after two years.

Maxis does not currently offer a Zerolution instalment plan for the new Samsug Galaxy Note9, but it’s likely to cost more under Zerolution, than the new Zerolution360 leasing plan.


How Does Zerolution360 Compare?

If you are wondering how does Zerolution360 compare to the “regular” Zerolution, and a normal contract, this table summarises it all :


The Zerolution360 FAQ

What is Maxis Zerolution360?

Maxis Zerolution360 is a new, all-inclusive zero worries phone membership programme that allows you to fully enjoy the use of your favourite flagship device, with yearly upgrades and total device protection.

What is the difference between Maxis Zerolution360 compared with current Maxis Zerolution, or the Normal Device Contract offer?

Maxis Zerolution360 gives you the ability to use a flagship device with a low monthly subscription fee that includes total device protection and also the option to change your device yearly.

Is there any upfront payment required if I want to subscribe to Maxis Zerolution360?

No, there is no upfront payment required when you sign up for Maxis Zerolution360.

How often can I upgrade my device with Zerolution360?

You can upgrade your device any time after you have made 12 bill payments (from month 13 onwards). Once you upgrade your device, your commitment will restart with the new device that you have selected.

To be eligible for an upgrade, your device needs to be in a good working condition (to be graded by Maxis) and you would need to pay a one-time upgrade fee, which reduces every quarter and is free from month 24 onwards.

What happens to my Zerolution360 subscription when I upgrade?

Once you upgrade your device, your commitment will restart with the new device that you have selected. You will then need to pay the monthly fee for your new device, which may differ from your first device.

What happens if I want to upgrade and my device is not in good working condition?

If your device is not in a good working condition at point of upgrade, you can utilise the comprehensive coverage that comes with your Maxis Zerolution360 subscription.

If you have reached your claim limit, there is still the option to pay an excess fee, hence the zero-worry experience as you do not need to replace the damaged device with another device at the full retail price.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

If you don’t upgrade your device, you will need to continue paying for this programme until you fulfill your 24-month commitment period. Once you reach your 24th month, you can either decide to keep using your current device and pay your current monthly fee, or upgrade to another device for free (during which time you would need to return the device in good working condition). Should you decide to terminate your subscription, you will need to return your device to us in good working condition.

Am I covered if I damage my device?

All Maxis Zerolution360 plans come with Device Protection (accidental damage, attended theft & quick turnaround times) already included in your monthly fee. For damage claims, simply call our Claims Hotline at 1800 886888 (Mon-Fri 9-6.30pm).

For enhanced Device Protection Benefits (repair option, free screen replacement, free backup loan phone & even quicker turnaround time) customers can opt for Zerolution360 Premium for an additional RM10/mth.

How is Maxis Zerolution360’s protection plan different from your current Maxis SafeDevice plan?

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Maxis Zerolution360 offers the most comprehensive protection plan, giving customers the choice between Basic or Premium protection.

For just an additional RM10/mth, customers on the Premium plan will be entitled to priority repair services with faster repair times, a free backup loan phone, and one-time free screen replacement.

Customers on the Basic plan will enjoy the same benefits as our current Maxis SafeDevice.

Who is eligible for Zerolution360?

Zerolution360 is open to new and existing Maxis customers.

Upon signing up onto this programme, we will perform a credit check to evaluate your credit rating. If you meet the criteria, you can immediately enroll for Zerolution360 and walk away with a new phone at RM0 upfront payment.

What happens if my device is stolen?

All Zerolution360 plans (Basic & Premium) comes with device protection that also covers attended theft. So, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You simply need to call our Claims Hotline and provide a police report to make your Attended Theft claim. Claims Hotline contact number: 1800 886888 (Mon-Fri 9-6.30pm)

What happens to my old device when I upgrade?

Recycling and sustainability is a key focus at Maxis. All returned devices will be wiped, then refurbished and reused.

Do I own the phone when I subscribe for Zerolution360?

No, you do not own the device with Zerolution360; this is a membership programme that allows you to use the device and enjoy additional benefits such as device protection and yearly upgrades. When you terminate your subscription, you must return your device to us in good working condition.

Can I enjoy this programme without the device protection? I don’t think I need it.

No, device protection is already included in the cost of your monthly subscription. You can, however, choose whether you want total coverage with our Premium protection plan, or opt for the Basic protection plan. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so do take a look at which options would be most suitable for your needs.

What if I cancel my subscription to Maxis Zerolution360 or terminate my Maxis line?

If you terminate within your 24-month commitment, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of your Maxis Zerolution360 fees as well as any relevant fees on your postpaid line. Additionally, you must return your device to us in good working condition.

Do I need to return my device if I terminate my Maxis Zerolution360 subscription after I have fulfilled my 24-month commitment?

Yes, you must return your device upon terminating your Maxis Zerolution360 subscription. A no-return device fee is applicable if you terminate and do not return your device to us in good working condition.

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