1 Million Mate30 Phones Sold In 3 Hours In China! How About Malaysia?

HUAWEI sold an amazing 1 million units of the HUAWEI Mate30 Series smartphones in just 3 hours in China!

But what about Malaysia, where HUAWEI just kicked off public sale of the HUAWEI Mate30 Series smartphones?


HUAWEI Mate30 Phone Sales In Malaysia

The HUAWEI Mate30 smartphones were just released for public sale a week ago, after an exclusive referral sales program.

Even so, HUAWEI Malaysia says that 70% of their Mate30 Series vouchers have already been redeemed from the HUAWEI Member Centre!

What exactly is driving the sale of the HUAWEI Mate30 smartphones here in Malaysia? Let’s find out…


Why The HUAWEI Mate30 Is Popular In Malaysia

Here are some reasons why we believe HUAWEI Mate30 has so far struck a clear note with Malaysians.

No GMS? No Problem!

First, let’s get the elephant out of the room – the worry about HUAWEI Mobile Services, instead of Google Mobile Services.

Malaysians are generally quite tech-savvy and have quickly embraced solutions to the problem, as this video demonstrates :

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Greatly Expanded HUAWEI AppGallery

Thanks to massive investment in the HUAWEI AppGallery, it has seen a massive expansion in the number of apps. More importantly – many key apps were launched within a month!

Over a period of just two months – from September to October 2019 – there were 200,000 new users of HUAWEI App Gallery, with 100 million apps downloaded in Malaysia alone!

On a daily basis, HUAWEI reported over 1.5 million downloads, and that 27 popular or critical apps were added in a single month.

SuperSensing Cine Camera

Malaysians LOVE to take photos and videos with their smartphones, and they are very particular about image quality and camera features.

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro is particularly popular because of its 40 MP SuperSensing Cine Camera, which supports 4K 60fps video recording, with these groundbreaking features :

  • an ISO of up to 51200,
  • Cinematic Time-lapse capability,
  • real-time video bokeh effect, and
  • an ultra-slow motion mode that records at up to 7680 fps!

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Interactive AI Gesture Control

This is a really cool feature that seems to have impressed many Malaysians.

Its 3D Depth Sensing Camera and a Gesture Sensor are used to identify your face and detect your gestures, which are then used by its Tiny-Core NPU to interpret your gestures.

By simply looking at the screen, and swiping your hands, you can “command” the Mate 30 Series smartphone to perform many commands like unlocking the screen, change pages, and take screenshots.

AI Private View + AI Auto Rotate

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series smartphones offer an AI Private View mode, which hides your private messages if it cannot recognised the face of the person viewing them!

They also have an AI Auto-Rotate capability, that uses the front 3D camera to analyse your eye orientation to automatically determine if they should lock the rotation of the display.

Multi-Screen Collaboration

The HUAWEI Multi-Screen Collaboration feature is incredibly powerful and useful.

Enabling it lets you easily drag-and-drop files between your Mate 30 Series smartphone and laptop. It even lets you use your laptop’s keyboard to type messages directly on your phone!

Long Battery Life!

Malaysians are prodigious smartphone users, which is why we always have a power bank handy!

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series smartphones though, comes with a large 4200 mAh (Mate30) or 4500 mAh (Mate30 Pro) battery, which means they last a full day and then some!

And when it’s time to recharge them, it appears Malaysians love its super-fast 40W wired charging and world-leading 27W wireless charging capabilities!


HUAWEI Mate30 Telco Deals For Malaysia!

It looks like more Malaysians will soon become HUAWEI Mate30 owners, thanks to a bevy of new offers from Malaysia’s top telcos. Let’s check out the new HUAWEI Mate 30 Series telco deals for Malaysia!

Celcom : One-Time Purchase Offers

Celcom Offers RRP Plan Price / Month One-Time Purchase Price
HUAWEI Mate30 RM 2799 RM 188 RM 299
Buy Mate30 Free P30 RM 2799 RM 188 + RM 48 (Sub Line) RM 1599
RM 148 + RM 48 (Sub Line) RM 1699

Celcom : Instalment Packages

Celcom Instalment Packages RRP Plan Price / Month Device Price / Month (Plan + Device Price) / Month
HUAWEI Mate30 (Owned) RM 2799 RM 188 RM 28 RM 216
HUAWEI Mate30 (Rental) RM 2799 RM 188 RM 15 RM 203

Digi : Instalment Package (Owned)

Digi Instalment Package RRP Plan Price / Month Device Price / Month (Plan + Device Price) / Month
HUAWEI Mate30 (Owned) RM 2799 RM 160 RM 28 RM 188

Maxis : Instalment Packages

Maxis Instalment Package RRP Plan Price / Month Device Price / Month (Plan + Device Price) / Month
Buy 1 Free 1
RM 2799 RM 188 + RM 48 (Sub Line) RM 99 RM 335
HUAWEI Mate30 Pro
Buy 1 Free 1
RM 3899 RM 188 + RM 48 (Sub Line) RM 199 RM 435


HUAWEI Mate30 : Where To Buy?

For those who want to buy the HUAWEI Mate30 directly, here are some online purchase links :


HUAWEI Mate30 Pro : Where To Buy?

For those who want to buy the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro directly, here are some online purchase links :


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