Marshall Minor III Wireless Earphones Scam Alert!

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Please watch out for the Marshall Minor III wireless earphones scam! Take a look at the scam, and find out what the facts really are!


Marshall Minor III Wireless Earphones Scam Alert!

Scammers are running Facebook ads that promote an awesome discount for the Marshall Minor III wireless earphones! Here is one recent example:

😣”Frustrating” 😣I had to queue for 5 hours at IOI City Mall to buy MARSHALL MINOR III wireless headphones for only RM179 (original price RM596), I was surprised because I thought they only sold directly I heard it’s open for sale online in 2 more days And also get the same discount as buying at the store. Free shipping nationwide.

But the 4 hours of queuing was worth it. As a Marshall fan, I was very excited when I heard the news that the Minor III series was coming out. And don’t waste your time waiting, the design is very beautiful, more stylish than the old version 💯 Great sound quality. Clear bus, fast Bluetooth connection, suitable for all types of devices, super battery life, 5 hours of continuous use and 25 hours with charging box, waterproof. The best thing about these headphones is the close-to-ear design. Comfortable, can play sports without worrying about falling. If you don’t buy it, you will be very disappointed.

I let my colleagues borrow it to play games because it sounded so realistic. There is no delay in movement.
Many people ask me if the store still has promotions? I just saw information that the store has a discount in the next 2 days. Order quickly. At the end of the promotion, the price will return to the original price of RM596. I leave the purchase link here for those who want to buy:

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Marshall Minor III Wireless Earphones Scam Alert!


Marshall Minor III Offer : Why Is It A Scam?!

This is yet another example of SCAMS circulating on Facebook, and here are there reasons why…

Fact #1 : Marshall Minor III Price Absurdly Low

The first thing about scams involving electronics, is that they often promise ridiculous great deals. If it’s too good to be true, it often is just a scam.

In this particular scam, scammers are offering the Marshall Minor III wireless earphones for just RM179 (US$39). That’s absurd, as the Marshall Minor II wireless earphones has an official retail price of $159 (approximately RM699)!

Marshall is a high-end audiophile brand, and its electronics are never cheap. Even if they offer a discount, it wouldn’t be anything like 70% to 75%. That’s just ridiculous.

For your safety, here are legit purchase options online for the Marshall Minor III earbuds :

Fact #2 : Facebook Advertisement Is Fake

The Facebook advertisement appears to be created by a handsome influencer called 𝐀𝐥𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠 瑾.鍾.瑾. with 5.5 million followers.

But that’s what the scammers put in the intro. If you look carefully, this scam page only has 13 followers!

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Fact #3 : That Is “Push” Puttichai Kasetsin

The page is not owned by any influencer or digital creator called 𝐀𝐥𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠 瑾.鍾.瑾.

Those are actually photos of Puttichai Kasetsin – a Thai actor, model, DJ and TV host who is also known as “Push”.

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Push Puttichai Kasetsin 01

Fact #4 : IOI City Mall Does Not Have A Marshall Outlet

The claim by these scammers that Alvinn Chong queued up for 5 hours at the IOI City Mall to buy the Marshall Minor III wireless earphones is easily debunked.

If you check the IOI City Mall tenant listing, you will quickly discover that it does not have a Marshall outlet.

Fact #5 : Queue Photos Are From Vietnam

The two photos which claim to show long queues for the Marshall Minor III wireless earphones were not taken in Malaysia. They were actually taken in Vietnam.

This photo does not show people in IOI City Mall queueing up outside a Marshall outlet. It actually shows people queuing up for the opening of the 15th Pandora store at the Long Bien Aeon Mall, on 28 April 2022.

Incidentally, Pandora is a Danish jewellery brand, and does not sell Marshall audio products…

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Marshall Minor III scam photo comparison 01

The second queue photo is also from Vietnam, but taken many years ago on 11 November 2017. It does not show people queuing up to buy any Marshall products either.

They were actually queuing up at Royal City Shopping Center in Hanoi, for the opening ceremony of the second H&M store in Vietnam.

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Marshall Minor III scam photo comparison 02

Fact #6 : Scam Website Not Affiliated With ASH Asia

ASH Asia is an authorised distributor of Marshall products in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

However, the scam page ( has nothing to do with ASH Asia, whose official Marshall Minor III page is

On top of that, ASH Asia does not sell the Marshall Minor III directly (like the scam page). Instead, ASH Asia sells the wireless earphones through Shopee and Lazada.

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Marshall Minor III Wireless Earphones Scam Alert!

In fact, if you check the main domain itself, you will get an error message, stating:

Your domain name has been successfully pointed! Please publish a Landing Page with the above domain name to use the service. Thank you!

This not only gives it away as a scam website, it also suggests that the scammers are operating out of Vietnam.

Marshall Minor III Wireless Earphones Scam Alert!

Fact #7 : Scam Website Admits Selling Fake Marshall Minor III

Ironically, the scam website itself has a disclaimer, warning potential buyers that it is not selling genuine Marshall Minor III wireless earphones, but a replica instead…

Most people won’t notice it because if you click to order, the website is designed to skip past this warning.

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Marshall Ash Asia website warning

Fact #8 : Package Apparently Contained “Trash”?

To assure you that this is safe, the scammers say that you only need to pay on delivery. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That guarantees that you will at least receive the item, doesn’t it?

Not quite, as one person who claimed to have purchased from this scam website explained…

I was attracted and clicked in, filling in my address and phone number. Three days later, I got a call saying that my package would arrive through DHL-COD, and asked me to make sure I was home.

I started looking forward to it, but when I thought about it, I became more suspicious. Since when does DHL provide Cash On Delivery service? I can’t believe they would dare to pay for first-class service without any payment from me. I figured it might be a scam!

What’s the scam? You may not have any doubts when you receive the package. When I open it immediately and take a look, then I realized it was full of garbage. [Unfortunately] I had already paid the delivery person, who ran away.


If true, the scam involves giving you an empty package filled with trash to receive your cash payment. After which, you have no recourse.

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