Three Key HUAWEI P30 Camera Features Revealed!

HUAWEI has been teasing us A LOT about the P30’s photography capabilities. Now, they just shared with us the three key HUAWEI P30 camera features! Let’s check them out!


What We Know About The HUAWEI P30 Camera

Here is what we know so far about the HUAWEI P30 camera :

  • The HUAWEI P30 Pro will have a quad-lens Leica camera
  • The HUAWEI P30 will have a triple-lens Leica camera
  • Both models will have Super Zoom capability, rumoured to offer up to 10X optical zoom

We can confirm that the HUAWEI P30 camera will have the Super Zoom capability. based on the three sets of Super Zoom photos leaked so far :


The Three Key HUAWEI P30 Camera Features

HUAWEI just shared with us details and teaser videos of these key HUAWEI P30 camera features!

Super Night Mode

The Super Night Mode teaser video shows how the HUAWEI P30 smartphone is able to capture the subject with just a minute glow from a firefly.

Insect rights aside, the video conveys that the HUAWEI P30 camera only requires a little light to capture the lady with great detail and accurate colours, even though the room is almost completely dark.

Super Zoom

We had already seen three sets of Super Zoom photos, but this teaser video reminds us that Super Zoom is also very useful for recording videos of faraway subjects.

Video recording will never be the same again with Super Zoom capability, especially if rumours of 10X optical zoom are true!

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Dual View

This is new – the ability to record a video from two cameras at the same time! It’s like the Nokia Dual-Sight Bothie, but instead of recording from the front and rear cameras, Dual View records from two rear cameras.

The teaser video shows the creative possibility of combining two scenes – far and close – simultaneously. From what we can see, Dual View captures and combines video footage from the telephoto and main cameras.


Save The Date!

HUAWEI just created a special HUAWEI P30 mini-site, where you can save the date to your calendar, and get updated on the upcoming HUAWEI P30 smartphones!

Go register your email now!


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