How To Live Life To The MAX With The HUAWEI Y MAX!

We, the people, voted with our wallets for larger displays every single year. And the new HUAWEI Y MAX smartphone delivers on that with its incredibly large 7.12-inch display, second only to the HUAWEI Mate 20 X!

Let’s find out how such a large display, and other features in the HUAWEI Y MAX, will help you live your life to the max!


Live Life To The MAX With The HUAWEI Y MAX!

It’s A Big World With Its Big Screen!

Everything about the new HUAWEI Y MAX screams MASSIVE. And why not? It sports one of the world’s largest display – a 7.12-inch dewdrop display!

Just shy of the HUAWEI Mate 20 X‘s incredible 7.2-inch display, the HUAWEI Y MAX has a 24% larger display area than the Samsung Galaxy Note9, and a 20% larger display area than the Apple iPhone XS Max!

Enjoy Dolby Atmos Panoramic Audio!

Its large display is backed by the most advanced Dolby Atmos sound system with powerful dual speakers that deliver an immersive audio experience for music, videos and games!

Large Memory + Storage Capacities

The HUAWEI Y MAX has a large memory capacity of 4 GB, so you will have no problem running multiple apps at the same time. And it comes with a whopping 128 GB of internal storage, which you can top up with an additional 256 GB of external storage!

Extra Large Battery

What’s the use of a large, powerful smartphone if you can’t enjoy it on-the-go? You will never have to worry with the HUAWEI Y MAX, because it literally has a 5,000 mAh powerbank built-in! Now you can watch movies and game without worrying about battery life!

Maximum Intelligence

The HUAWEI Y MAX comes with dual rear cameras, but these are no ordinary cameras. They have been coupled with a smart AI system that recognises 22 categories of images, and over 500 scenes. The AI system then automatically optimises the shooting mode to deliver the best possible photos!

Elegance Without The Guilt

Everyone loves the feel of leather, but Generation Z shun real leather. Using advanced nanoscale laser etching and special soft-touch paint, HUAWEI created a delicate leather-like texture on the Y MAX’s body.

Now, you can enjoy the pleasant soft textured feel of leather that is highly-resistant to fingerprint smears… without the guilt!

Do More, Pay Less With The HUAWEI Y MAX!

The new HUAWEI Y MAX lets you see more, play more and do more, while PAYING LESS than its competitors!

  • It has a massive 7.12-inch display that beats flagship smartphones from Samsung and Apple!
  • It delivers an immersive 3D soundscape with Dolby Atmos powering its dual speakers!
  • It has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, that is further expandable by 256 GB!
  • It has a massive 5,000 mAh battery, letting you work and game for hours without worry!
  • It has a smart AI system that intelligently optimises the shooting mode to make sure you take the best pictures possible!
  • It lets you enjoy a unique leather-like textured body without the guilt of real leather!

And best of all… you get to enjoy all that for only RM 1,299. What an incredible deal!


HUAWEI Y MAX Price + Availability

Here are some direct purchase links for your convenience :

  • HUAWEI Online Store : RM 1,299 with free HUAWEI Y MAX Flip Cover
  • HUAWEI Official Store on Lazada : RM 1,299 with RM 200 worth of freebies!


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