HUAWEI Sold 10 MILLION P30 Smartphones In 85 Days!

HUAWEI recently announced two spectacular achievements – selling 10 MILLION P30 series smartphones, and 100 MILLION smartphones in total! Here is the full story!


HUAWEI Sold 10 MILLION P30 Series Smartphones In 85 Days!

Despite President Donald Trump’s best efforts, HUAWEI beat expectations by selling a whopping 10 MILLION P30 series smartphones in just 85 days!

That means HUAWEI sold 117,647 P30 smartphones every day; or 4,900 every hour; or 82 every minute!

To put that in perspective, it took them 62 days long – 147 days – to sell 10 million units of the P20 series smartphones last year.

This was undoubtedly due to the amazing photographic capabilities of the HUAWEI P30 series smartphones, as we detailed in these articles :


HUAWEI Sold 100 MILLION Smartphones In 5 Months!

On top of that, Kevin Ho, President of Handset Product Line of HUAWEI Consumer Business Group also announced that they sold 100 million smartphones by 30 May 2019.

While he did not reveal how many smartphones HUAWEI sold in 2018, he shared that it took them longer to hit the 100 million unit volume in 2018.

Now that Trump lifted his HUAWEI ban, it looks like HUAWEI will have no problem selling 200 million smartphones by end of 2019!


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