HUAWEI P40 Pro : How To Setup For The First Time!

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Purchased the HUAWEI P40 Pro, but not sure how to set it up? Or you are planning to buy one, and want to find out if it’s easy to setup?

In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to setup the new HUAWEI P40 Pro smartphone!

HUAWEI P40 Pro : How To Setup For The First Time!


HUAWEI P40 Pro : A Quick Primer

The HUAWEI P40 Pro is the middle brother of the new P40 family of smartphones, and is only available as 5G variants.

It is powered by the Kirin 990 5G mobile SoC, and comes with 8 GB of RAM, as well as a very large 6.58-inch OLED display, with a resolution of 1200 x 2640 pixels, and a 90 Hz refresh rate.

Designed for those who enjoy taking photos, it comes with a 32 MP camera, paired with an IR depth camera, in the front.

In the back, it boasts a Leica quad-camera system, with a 50MP main camera, a 40 MP ultra-wide camera, a 12 MP SuperZoom camera and a 3D depth-sensing camera.

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HUAWEI P40 Pro : How To Setup For The First Time!

For those who are planning to setup the HUAWEI P40 on your own, we recorded this video to show you step-by-step how to do it!

  1. After the HUAWEI P40 Pro boots up, the first thing you need to do is to select the language of choice.
    Then tap the Get Started button.
  2. In the next screen, you need to select your Country, which will enables localised presets for your phone.
  3. Next, you will need to agree to the End User License Agreement.
    Tap to check the box, and then tap Next at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will be warned if you did not installed your SIM card.
    The same screen also gives you the option of adding an eSIM.
  5. If you have a Wi-Fi network, you can now log into your Wi-Fi network.
    Wait until the P40 Pro connects to your Wi-Fi network and gains Internet access.
    Then tap Next at the bottom of the screen.
  6. The next screen details HUAWEI’s data and privacy policy.
    Tap the Details link for more information, or tap Next to continue with the setup process.
  7. Now it’s time to sign into your HUAWEI account, or create a new HUAWEI ID.
    You can also choose to log in via SMS, if you don’t want a HUAWEI account.
    If you prefer to skip this part and do it later, but remember – you need a HUAWEI account to make use of key features like the AppGallery and Find My Phone.
    But to skip this for now, tap Later, and tap Later again in the reminder pop-up at the bottom.
  8. In the next page, you will be allowed to disable certain HUAWEI Mobile Services.
    Ad-ID statistics is enabled by default. We recommend disabling it.
    – Tap Enabled to go into the Ad-ID statistics option page.
    – Tap Disable collection of Ad-ID statistics, and then go back to the HUAWEI Mobile Services page.
    For enhanced privacy, you might want to disable personalised ads as well.
  9. Now it’s time to protect your HUAWEI P40 Pro. We recommend using Fingerprint ID.
  10. First, you will need to set a 6-digit PIN number as a backup.
    You’ll need to key in those 6 digits again to verify.
  11. Next, tap the Add Fingerprint button to start training the fingerprint sensor.
  12. To train the fingerprint sensor, repeatedly press your finger firmly on the fingerprint icon and lift when you feel a vibration
    Midway, you will be asked to tilt your finger to capture the edges of your fingerprint
  13. Once you have successfully enrolled your fingerprint, tap OK to continue with the setup process.
  14. Next, you will be given the opportunity to setup Face Recognition as well.
    Tap Skip if you want to stick with just the fingerprint and PIN number.
  15. In the next page, you are given the opportunity to opt out of certain Enhanced services.
    Have no clue  what you are opting for? Tap Set Up Enhanced services to find out!
    – The Wi-Fi+ and Weather service are safe to opt for.
    – HiSearch basically lets you search both data on your smartphone, as well as on the Internet
    – Finally, MeeTime lets you make high definition video and voice calls using your HUAWEI account.
  16. Next, the Share Analytics page lets you opt out of sharing usage data with HUAWEI.
    We recommend you tap Later.
  17. HUAWEI Location Services is an important feature, so definitely tap Enable.
  18. You should certainly let HUAWEI keep your software updated. So tap Enable And Continue.
  19. Now, you will be given the opportunity to import data from your old smartphone. Remember – you cannot download backups from your Google Drive.
  20. After you are done, you will need to go through a tutorial on the new on display navigation gestures.
  21. Finally, HUAWEI gives you a selection of popular apps you can install through the AppGallery.
    If you don’t want to install the pre-selected apps, just uncheck them.
    After you finish selecting the apps you want, tap Next.
  22. Then you can decide if you want to install the apps now, or wait until you have Wi-Fi

That’s it! Your HUAWEI P40 Pro is ready to use!


HUAWEI P40 Pro : Price + Availability

The HUAWEI P40 Pro is available in selected markets, with a recommended retail price of €999 / RM 3,899 / ~US$1,089 / £899.99 / ~A$1,699 / S$1,448 for the 8GB+256GB variant.

HUAWEI will offer five colour options – Black, Deep Sea Blue, Ice White, Silver Frost and Blush Gold globally, although colour options will be limited in most countries.

HUAWEI P40 Pro colour options


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