Celebrities Leak Pre-Wedding Photos Taken By HUAWEI P30!

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Malaysian celebrities and heartthrob couple, Fasha Sandha and Aidil Aziz, just leaked their pre-wedding photos. And believe it or not – they were taken with the HUAWEI P30 smartphone, which has not yet been launched!

Celebrities Leak Wedding Photos Taken By HUAWEI P30!


Wedding Photography Is Changing

For decades, every posh wedding requires a retinue of photographers with large, heavy DSLRs. But times are changing. Couples are now opting for smartphones, which are handier and allow them to be part of the process.

The wedding photography today are definitely more creative, natural and spontaneous. There are more selfies, wefies, and video content. Best of all – they can all be shared with family and friends within seconds!

The image quality of smartphones have also improved drastically. This makes them truly indispensable at every important times of our lives.


These Pre-Wedding Photos Were Taken By HUAWEI P30!

Fasha Sandha and Aidil Aziz appear to believe so too. In their recent pre-wedding photoshoot, they apparently used the yet-to-be-released HUAWEI P30 smartphone. These five photos were leaked on her Instagram feed.

Celebrities Leak Pre-Wedding Photos Taken By HUAWEI P30! Celebrities Leak Pre-Wedding Photos Taken By HUAWEI P30! Fasha Sandha and Aidil Aziz Wedding Photo Fasha Sandha and Aidil Aziz Wedding Photo Fasha Sandha and Aidil Aziz Wedding Photo

Here is what we think stands out from her posts :

  • She confirmed that they were taken by a HUAWEI P30 series smartphone.
  • The image quality is spectacular, with very good colour and contrast
  • The super close shots show incredible detail

It’s quite likely that her photographer was using the top-of-the-line HUAWEI P30 Pro, which is rumoured to boast an incredible 10X optical zoom capability!

But if her photographer was using the standard HUAWEI P30 model, then that would be even more incredible!

HUAWEI has shown a dogged interest in pushing the boundaries of mobile photography. You may recall that last year’s HUAWEI P20 Pro introduced the world’s first triple-lens camera, with 3X zoom.

The same ground-breaking Leica camera was also used in the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, allowing both smartphones to achieve a class-topping DxOMark score of 109 points!


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Save The Date!

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