The HUAWEI No Worries Promotion + Redemption Details!

HUAWEI Malaysia is kicking into turbo mode with a special No Worries promotion! Not just for their popular smartphones, but also their MateBook laptops and more!

Here is EVERYTHING you must know about the HUAWEI No Worries promotion. Don’t miss this great opportunity to score some great deals!


The HUAWEI No Worries Promotion

HUAWEI ended June with a slew of great news – they sold 100 million smartphones by 30 May, 10 million P30 smartphones by 20 June, and the release of their EMUI 9.1 – a major upgrade of their mobile OS.

To kick off the second half of 2019, they are announcing a new HUAWEI No Worries promotion, with a bunch of great offers!

HUAWEI No Worries Promotion #1 : Extended Two-Year Warranty!

HUAWEI is offering an extended two-year warranty on all P30 Series, Mate20 Series, Nova 4 Series and Nova 3i smartphones, as well as MediaPad M5 tablets!

This extended warranty will protect your HUAWEI device against repair costs using original HUAWEI parts at authorised HUAWEI service centers.

You will need to use the HiCare app to claim the second-year warranty. Just follow our instructions in the next page!

The offer is limited from 1 July 2019 until 30 September 2019, so make sure you purchase and redeem the extended warranty during that offer period!

For more details on the HUAWEI 2-Year Warranty Program, click here!

HUAWEI No Worries Promotion #2 : Price Cut On Three Bestsellers!

HUAWEI is offering a price cut on their three best-selling models :

  • HUAWEI P30 (8 GB + 128 GB) : Now only RM 2,299 – a RM 400 (15%) discount!
  • HUAWEI P30 Pro (8 GB + 256 GB) : Now only RM 3,399 – a RM 400 (10.5%) discount!
  • HUAWEI Nova 3i : Now only RM 799 – a RM 100 (11.1%) discount!

Grab these 3 great offers at this link!


How To Redeem The 1 Year Extended Warranty

Step 1

Open the HiCare app, and click on the Extended Warranty Plan banner

Step 2

Update the HiCare app version, as prompted by the system

Step 3

Create a new HUAWEI ID, or log into your existing HUAWEI ID

Step 4

Tap on “Click Here Now” to redeem your Extended Warranty Plan

Step 5

Congratulations! You successfully redeemed the Extended Warranty!


HUAWEI Models Applicable For 1 Year Extended Warranty Promotion

HUAWEI P Series : P30, P30 Pro
HUAWEI Mate Series : Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X
HUAWEI nova Series : nova 4, nova 4e, nova 3i
HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Series : MediaPad M5, MediaPad M5 Pro


No Worries Experience With Extended Warranty!

The price cuts will definitely excite HUAWEI fans, and make the amazing HUAWEI P30 smartphones more affordable. But what about the extended warranty?

Many smartphone users often forget about the importance of warranty until, well, long after they purchase their devices.

Nothing Usually Happens In The First Year

Most users will agree that nothing usually happens in the first year, so no one really makes use of the usual 12-month warranty.

By extending the warranty for another 12 months, HUAWEI is basically offering 24 months of No Worries experience!

Repairs + Replacements Are Not Cheap!

Because smartphones are so powerful and sophisticated, they are very expensive to repair. Even if HUAWEI offers free repair services, the replacement parts can be prohibitively expensive.

With the extended warranty, you can get your HUAWEI smartphone repaired at no cost for two years. It sure beats paying for repairs, or worse, buying a new replacement phone!

Don’t Forget Minor Fixes!

Some people live with minor issues (like a hard-to-use Power button) that cropped up after their warranty expires, because it’s just not worth switching to a new smartphone.

With the extended warranty, you need not live with such inconveniences – just send in your HUAWEI smartphone for a free check-up and service or repair!

For more details on the HUAWEI 2-Year Warranty Program, click here!


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