HUAWEI EMUI 10 – Everything You Need To Know!

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HUAWEI just launched the EMUI 10 operating system, which promises to break the boundary between devices, and allow a seamless experience between different devices.

Here is everything you need to know about EMUI 10 – what it offers, and when it will be made available for HUAWEI smartphones!


EMUI 10 – The Highlight Of HUAWEI Developers Conference 2019

On 9 August 2019, Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department at the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group officially unveiled EMUI 10 at the HUAWEI Developers Conference 2019.

HUAWEI EMUI 10 advertisement

Sadly, we were not present at HUAWEI Developers Conference 2019. However, we can share with you what’s new in EMUI 10!


EMUI 10 To Break Cross-Device Boundary

According to HUAWEI, EMUI 10 will break the boundary between devices, and allow a seamless experience between different devices.

Their premise appears to be based on the fact that many of us use multiple devices – many of us have two smartphones, or use a tablet and most certainly, a computer too.

And in a growing number of homes and offices, we have smart IoT devices too. But we have yet to have the ability to seamlessly control and manage them all.

HUAWEI EMUI 10 To Be Revealed On 9 August 2019!

HUAWEI has apparently designed EMUI 10 to solve this cross-device conundrum. How will they do this? Let’s take a look…


New EMUI 10 User Interface!

EMUI 10 will feature a new user interface, with a new dark mode. The new dark mode is designed to optimise colour contrast of the text and icons, against the dark background.

Here are three pictures that compare the current light mode, and the new dark mode in EMUI 10 :

HUAWEI EMUI 10 hands-on demo - Dark Mode HUAWEI EMUI 10 hands-on demo - Dark Mode HUAWEI EMUI 10 hands-on demo


Cross-Device Integration Through Distributed Architecture

EMUI 10 will introduced a new ability to stream HD video calls across multiple devices. This will allow you to make audio or video calls on whatever device you happen to be using at the moment.

You will be able to answer a video call on your smart TV, or vehicle-mounted device. You can also send your friends a real-time video feed from your drone.

It will also work in other ways. For example, your smartphone and computer will be able to share screens, and exchange data easily through drag-and-drop.

This distributed architecture requires the hardware capabilities of each device to be virtualised. This would give devices capabilities beyond its actual hardware features, because it would have access to a “shared resource pool” of connected devices.


Distributed Architecture, Distributed Security System

As part of its distributed architecture, EMUI 10 will have a distributed security system that uses a secure system architecture and operating system kernel as a foundation for security and trust.

Only devices authenticated by the user can be connected to other user devices. And even for connected devices, their communications are encrypted end-to-end, to protect the transmitted data.


EMUI 10 Unified App Development

EMUI 10 will introduced unified app development using its distributed UI programming framework, and virtualised hardware capabilities.

This allows developers to create a single unified app for different types of devices, with different displays and capabilities. There won’t be a need to customise the app for different hardware features.


What EMUI 10 Will Also Introduce

It’s a no brainer that EMUI 10 will come with some new features that have just been introduced in EMUI 9.1 :

  • a new EROFS file system, which delivers better random read performance and more storage space
  • a new version of GPU Turbo, which should support even more than the 25 games in EMUI 9.1
  • an improved version of HUAWEI OneTap Share. Also known as Share OneHope, it pairs your HUAWEI smartphone with your laptop, so you can easily copy and share files
  • their Ark compiler, which improves performance by converting apps into machine code

You can read more about these features in our EMUI 9.1 guide.


When Will EMUI 10 Arrive?

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EMUI 10 is a heavily-customised variant of Android 10, which has not yet been launched.

So it will NOT be coming out anytime soon. It will only be released after Android 10 is officially launched.

Dr. Wang says that the beta version of EMUI 10 will be first tested internally on the HUAWEI P30 smartphones on 8 September 2019 onwards.

He also confirmed that the first smartphone to feature EMUI 10 will be the upcoming HUAWEI Mate 30 smartphones.


Will Older Devices Get Upgraded With EMUI 10?

Based on HUAWEI’s track record in introducing the EMUI 9.1 upgrade, many HUAWEI smartphones from 2018 and certainly all of their 2019 devices should receive the EMUI 10 upgrade.

However, it will take some time for the upgrades to be introduced.


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