HTC VIVE Cosmos – How To Get Your VR Fix This October!

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The HTC VIVE Cosmos is coming soon, offering improved performance and a modular faceplate design that accepts mods for expanded capabilities.

Find out how to get your HTC VIVE Cosmos with some great FREEBIES this October!


The HTC VIVE Cosmos

HTC promises that the VIVE Cosmos (US | UK | MY) will offer a premium VR experience, with a number of upgrades and improvements.

HTC VIVE Cosmos - How To Get Your VR Fix This October!

  • A new VIVE tracking system with a simplified setup, and six camera sensors for wide and accurate inside-out tracking,
  • Increased display resolution of 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye,
  • New RGB LCD panels that minimise the screen-door effect
  • A flip-up design that lets you switch between reality and VR in seconds
  • A modular faceplate design that lets you expand its capabilities with mods
  • Integrated on-ear headphones for immersive audio
  • Optional Vive Wireless Adapter for those who don’t like being tethered
Specifications HTC VIVE Cosmos
Display Dual 3.4-inch Displays
– 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye
– 90 Hz refresh rate
– 110 degrees field of view
Audio Stereo on-ear headphones
Integrated microphones
Headset Sensors G-Sensor
IPD Sensor
Controller Sensors G-Sensor
Hall Sensor
Touch Sensor
Ergonomics Flip-Up Visor
Adjustable IPD
Adjustable Headstrap
Connections USB 3.0 Type C
DisplayPort 1.2
Modular Connections Proprietary
Space Requirements Standing / Seated : None
Room Scale : 2 m x 1.5 m minimum


HTC VIVE Cosmos External Tracking Mod

HTC also announced the first mod to support its modular faceplate – the VIVE Cosmos External Tracking Mod.

This mod lets existing VIVE users reuse their Lighthouse base stations for tracking, but using the new VIVE Cosmos instead.

It will support other VIVE peripherals like the VIVE Tracker, and will be available in Q1 2020.

HTC VIVE Cosmos in use


FREE HTC VIVE Cosmos Content

HTC is bundling the VIVE Cosmos (US | UK | MY) with a 12-month VIVEport Infinity subscription, if you pre-order it before 2 October 2019.

This gives you unlimited access to hundreds of VR apps, games and videos like A Fisherman’s Tale, Fujii and Ninja Legends.

HTC also announced the introduction of new titles like Doctor Who: The Edge of Time by Maze Theory, Playstack, and BBC; Eleven Eleven by Syfy; Battlewake by Survios; Gloomy Eyes by Atlas V and 3dar; and Swords of Gargantua by Yomuneco and Gumi; and MLB Home Run Derby by MLB.


HTC VIVE Cosmos Price + Availability

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The HTC VIVE Cosmos is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW at these places :

Every pre-order will come with a FREE 12-month VIVEport Infinity subscription, as well as a FREE copy of the game AEON.

Retail sale of the HTC VIVE Cosmos will start on 3 October 2019 in the United States, and 4 October 2019 in Asia.


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