Honor 7S Is A FullView Smartphone For The Masses!

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honor Malaysia just introduced the honor 7S – an entry-level smartphone with a FullView Display. The FullView Display is unprecedented in smartphones of this price range. Here are the full details!


The Honor 7S Smartphone

The honor 7S has a similar design to the award-winning honor 10 smartphone (here are 5 reasons why the donor 10 is awesome!), offering a FullView Display in a smaller form factor and a much smaller price tag of just RM 379 / ~US$ 95.

Honor 7S Is A FullView Smartphone For The Masses!

honor FullView Display

The honor 7S features a 5.45” display with a 18:9 ratio and a HD+ resolution. With its narrow frame and smaller form factor, the new honor 7S is great for single-hand usage. The wider screen is also great for gamers, offering greater horizontal screen space.

Take selfies like a pro

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Its front camera is equipped with a selfie toning flash which is adjustable for proper toning effect in any low-light situation.  A HDR mode is also available for more dynamic range in your selfies, while art filters and the panorama photo mode offer a more exciting photography experience.

Clearer hearing with a larger receiver

The honor 7S has a larger receiver volume that enables clearer hearing in noisy environments. A super receiver mode is triggered by the volume + key at the time of the call when you continuously press on the volume + key after exceeding the normal volume range.

It also supports headset monitoring, so you can sing and hear their own voice in real-time with a default program and earphones.


honor 7S Price + Availability

The honor 7S comes in colour options of Gold or Black, and is priced at just RM 379 / ~US$ 95.

If that’s not enough, the first 500 buyers of the honor 7S will receive :

So hurry while stocks last! You can start purchasing it beginning 27 June 2018!

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