The Honor 10 AI Camera Smartphone Reviewed!

Honor 10 Camera Performance - Photos + Videos

Camera Performance – Photos

Honor did not reveal the sensors used in their dual camera system, but the final photos have a 24 MP resolution with the 4:3 aspect ratio, with 5632 x 4224 pixels. Despite the high resolution, Honor appears to use a more efficient (or lossier) compression algorithm, resulting in a file size of between 3 MB and 4 MB.

Here are 8 high-resolution samples for you to check out. Click on them to load the full-sized photos, which you can also download to examine.

  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample
  • Honor 10 photo sample


Camera Performance – Video Recording

Despite having 24 MP sensors on both front and rear cameras, the Honor 10 (Price Check) is only capable of recording 4K videos from the main AI camera. The 24 MP front camera can only record 720p videos. The 4K video recording by the main camera is also limited to just 10 minutes. This was likely done to prevent sensor overheating.

Video Recording Test #1 : Piano (1080p)

First off – we can see that there is no optical or electrionic image stabilisation, so the video can get very jerky. The audio, while clear, is very thin and overly bright (too much emphasis on treble).

Video Recording Test #2 : Piano (4K)

The 4K resolution is amazing, and there is good control of the highlights. You can see right into the Padini Concept Store. The audio recording is, however, quite a letdown. Honor should try to tone down the emphasis on the high frequencies, and boost the lower frequencies for a more balanced sound.

Video Recording Test #3 : Street Market (1080p)

There is absolutely no image stabilisation, so you get to experience every shake and jolt. Remember – we recorded this in the two-handed mode.

Video Recording Test #4 : Street Market (4K)

When recording at 4K, there appeared to be somewhat more noticeable jerkiness. Overall – not a very pleasant video to watch!

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