The Honor 10 AI Camera Smartphone Reviewed!

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Honor 10 Initial Setup, Ergonomics, Available Memory + Storage

Setting Up The Honor 10

Setting up the Honor 10 (Price Check) is quite easy, and takes no more than 10 minutes if you are setting it up as a new device. We only faced some issues in registering our fingerprints. Honor needs to look at that fingerprint sensor…



The Honor 10 (Price Check) is an amazingly small smartphone, even though it sports a display that is almost 6″ is size. It is just over 7.1 cm wide, and under 15 cm tall, and weighs just 153 g. This is despite sporting the multilayer Aurora Glass back. It naturally fits very well for those with small hands, and small pockets.

Honor 10 in hand

The IPS display is very bright and vivid indoors, and does a decent job outdoors despite not being an AMOLED display. The non-standard 19:9 aspect ratio, while useful in giving you more screen space, will result in some pillarboxing for movies.


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Available Memory & Storage

For a mid-range smartphone, the Honor 10 (Price Check) comes with rather large memory and storage capacities. It has 4 GB of RAM, of which 1.62 GB (40.5%) is available for use. That’s plenty to run several memory-guzzling apps at the same time. Interestingly, the Honor 10 has more free memory than the Samsung Galaxy S9!

Honor 10 available memory Honor 10 available storage

Honor chose to give the Honor 10 (Price Check) smartphone a TON of storage – 128 GB, with a whopping 115 GB of free space. That is enough to store about 28,750 photos, or 18 hours of 1080p videos, or 8 hours of 4K videos.

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