The Honor 10 AI Camera Smartphone Reviewed!

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The Honor 10 Key Features

The Honor 10 Cameras

The Honor 10 (Price Check) comes with a very high-resolution selfie camera in the front. It has a 24 MP sensor, with a fast f/2.0 lens. That allows it to better handle low-light conditions – important since the front camera does not have any flash.

Honor 10 front camera Honor 10 main camera

Its killer feature is the AI Camera at the back. It consists of a 16 MP RGB camera with f/1.8 lens, and a 24 MP monochrome camera. This dual-camera set-up does not only improve depth perception (for more accurate bokeh effects), it also creates sharper, more detailed pictures.

The RGB sensor captures the colour data, while the monochrome sensor captures the details, with less noise and greater sharpness. Both cameras then combine their sensor data to create a final image that is sharper and with greater detail than would be possible with a single RGB camera


Fingerprint Sensor

The Honor 10 (Price Check) uses a front fingerprint sensor. The sensor is completely flat, which looks great because it merges seamlessly with the black bezel. Placing it in the front makes it is great for those who want to use their Honor 10 while it’s attached to a car mount.

Honor 10 fingerprint sensor

The sensor is quite accurate but is rather hard to train, as our setup video will show. It is also relatively slow to detect your fingerprint. For best results, you’ll need to press your finger against the sensor with some force.

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No MicroSD Card Slot

The Honor 10 (Price Check) is the first Honor smartphone to do away completely with the microSD card slot. The tray you see below fits up to two nano SIM cards, but there is no microSD card tray.

Honor 10 SIM tray

Honor could have given it a hybrid SIM slot, as Samsung has done with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones. Instead, they chose not to include a microSD card slot, and give the Honor 10 a large storage capacity of 128 GB.


Display Notch

The Honor 10 (Price Check) has a Full HD+ display, with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels. It features the display notch made popular by the iPhone X.

Honor 10 display notch

Although the notification icons nearest to the notch can appear “cut-off”, the Honor 10 is smart enough to work around the notch. In games and applications that don’t support the notification area, it just displays the main 1080 x 2240 section.

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