Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!

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Here are a few tips on how to maximise the FlexCam capability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone, to create unique and more appealing photos and videos!


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 : FlexCam Photography!

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is more than just a smartphone with a foldable display. Its foldable form factor allows you to make use of a more versatile photography method Samsung calls FlexCam.

FlexCam basically makes use of the Galaxy Z Flip4’s ability to “bend” the front and rear cameras at different angles for new perspectives.

This offers new creative ways for you to make use of the front 10 MP camera, and the dual 12 MP cameras at the back.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!

To help you maximise the Galaxy Z Flip4’s foldable form factor, here are a few FlexCam photography tips to get the best possible photos!

Take Photos At Any Angle!

Thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip4’s foldable design, you can now try out unique angles, and take hands-free photos without using a selfie stick or tripod.

You no longer need to ask your friends or strangers to take your photos. Just prop your phone on any convenient surface to take your photos from either the front or rear cameras!

Bonus : Try putting the Galaxy Z Flip4 on different surfaces and angles, to take photos and videos from different perspectives. Try both cameras too!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!

Steady Your Shot

Whether you are using the front or rear cameras, its foldable design allows you to place the Galaxy Z Flip4 on any flat surface, to give you a steady shot for both photos and videos.

Folding the Galaxy Z Flip4 also lets you get a firmer and steadier grip while try out new perspectives in your photos and videos. Its foldable design lets you record videos like a camcorder!

Bonus : The Galaxy Z Flip4 has an upgraded main camera with a 65% brighter sensor, which makes it even easier to take sharp photos even in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!

Night Mode + Night Hyperlapse

What you may not realise is that Samsung introduced three special night photography modes.

  • Night Mode lets you capture clear and bright photos even in very dim or dark conditions, by capturing multiple frames and combining them together.
  • Night Hyperlapse lets you create impressive motion videos at night, without any blur!
  • Super Night Solution minimises noise for sharp video at night, with enhanced OIS and VDIS.

With these three features, and the aforementioned brighter sensor, you will never have to worry about taking photos in the dark!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!

High-Resolution Selfies!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has a large Cover Screen which doubles as a viewfinder for its dual 12 MP cameras, allowing you to take incredibly high-resolution selfie and wefie photos in both normal and wide angles.

Thanks to enhanced Quick Shot, you can take selfies and defies quickly using the rear cameras, using the Cover Screen to make sure everyone’s in the frame.

Don’t forget to give its Portrait Mode a try, for a more appealing portrait with better blurring of the background (bokeh).

Quick Shot can also flex open until FlexCam takes over, so you can capture hands-free photos at both high and low angles.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 FlexCam Photography Tips!

Now that we shared those FlexCam photography tips with you, be sure to give them a try with your Galaxy Z Flip4, and level up your photos and videos!


To Try FlexCam, Buy Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Today!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes in four colour options, as well as a special Bespoke Edition :

  • Graphite – legacy colour
  • Pink Gold – new colour
  • Blue – new colour
  • Bora Purple – their signature colour this year

These are the available models and launch prices for the Z Flip 4 :

  • 8 GB + 128 GB : RM4,099 (about US$920 / £760 / A$1,319 / S$1,267)
  • 8 GB + 256 GB : RM4,399 (about US$987 / £816 / A$1,415 / S$1,359)
  • 8 GB + 256 GB Bespoke Edition : RM4,599 (about US$1,032 / £853 / A$1,479 / S$1,421)
  • 8 GB + 512 GB : RM4,899 (about US$ 1,099 / £909 / A$1,576 / S$1,514)

The Bespoke Edition is only available on the Samsung website, and requires 3-4 weeks to deliver, as each unit is custom-made.

Here are online purchase options :

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