Galaxy S20 Secure Processor : How It Protects Your Data!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones are amongst the most secure devices in the world, thanks to their built-in Secure Processor. Find out how the Galaxy S20 Secure Processor protects your data!


Galaxy S20 Secure Processor : What Is It?

Every Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone has a slew of security features designed to protect confidential data.

At the heart of the Samsung Knox security system is the Secure Processor, a physical chip that provides an isolated and secure space to store confidential data.

Galaxy S20 Secure Processor : How It Protects Your Data!


Galaxy S20 Secure Processor : How It Protects Your Data!

This short video gives you a quick overview of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Secure Processor’s key features :

Enhanced Hardware Security

Hackers can manipulate components (physical attacks), provoke hardware errors (fault attacks), or analyze heat and electromagnetic emissions (side-channel attacks) to breach smartphone security.

These hardware attacks can only happen if the hacker gets hold of the device physically. But with Galaxy S20 smartphones, their Secure Processor provides a physical shield against such attacks.

The Galaxy S20 Secure Processor continuously scrambles and encrypts the confidential data it stores. It also detects invalid voltage or temperature changes, and is equipped with security algorithms to thwart side-channel attacks.

Extra Level Of Protection

Security at the user level is also critical. To that end, the Galaxy S20 Secure Processor ensures that your lock screen PIN, pattern and password are not susceptible to guesses.

It accomplishes this by making it almost impossible for attackers to reset the error counter, which monitors the number of failed unlock attempts.

Support For Private Keys

The Galaxy S20 Secure Processor can also process blockchain private keys, which are similar to banking passwords for crypto-currency wallets.

It even supports Strongbox Keymaster, which allows it to provide hardware protection for private keys or sensitive data on third-party apps.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Smartphones : Where To Buy?

Here are the online purchase options for the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones :



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