The 7 Secret Galaxy Note9 S Pen Features You Never Knew!

The Ultimate Galaxy Note9 S Pen Features + Tips Guide

What You Don't Know About The Note9 S Pen, Recommended Reading


What You Don’t Know About The Note9 S Pen

The Note9 S Pen is more than just a stylus with a remote control button though. Here are some fun facts about it that most users are completely oblivious to!

It Will Work Even With Bluetooth Disabled!

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) communicates with its S Pen using Bluetooth Low Energy (formerly known as Bluetooth Smart) to keep power consumption low.

But we’ll bet you didn’t know that the S Pen will work even if you turn off the Galaxy Note9’s Bluetooth feature!

You can safely turn off your Galaxy Note9’s Bluetooth connectivity for security reasons, or to further reduce power consumption, and still have access to the S Pen’s full range of capabilities.

You Can Use It To UNLOCK Your Galaxy Note9!

To save power and protect your privacy, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) will turn off and lock its screen after a period of inactivity.

This can be annoying if you are using it to dictate notes or give a presentation… until you realise you can simply unlock the screen with your S Pen!

This does not mean anyone can use your S Pen to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note9. This feature only works if you :

  • manually activate it at Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Unlock with S Pen remote
  • unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note9 and then pull out the S Pen

It will not work if you pull out the S Pen while the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is locked. If you reinsert the S Pen into its dock, you will not be able to use it to unlock your Galaxy Note9.

This prevents strangers from using the S Pen to unlock your Galaxy Note9, while giving you the option to instantly unlock the screen if it locks up while you are using it.

Never Lose Your Note9 S Pen!

Its Bluetooth capability allows the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) to sense when you forget your S Pen and set off an alarm to warn you.

It is more of a notification with an audio alert, but this incredibly useful feature will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the chance of losing your S Pen.

This feature is enabled by default, but if you want to make sure it’s turned on, it’s the Alarm option under the Removal section of Settings > Advanced features > S Pen.

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It Is Powered By A Supercapacitor!

This S Pen is not powered by an internal lithium-ion battery, but a Seiko K8373 supercapacitor.

This supercapacitor is not only incredibly tiny and light, it is highly durable and withstands extreme temperatures. It can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times without any loss in capacity.

It also recharges in a flash, and delivers long battery life – just 40 seconds of charging will give you 30 minutes of use! It is also simple to recharge – the S Pen recharges automatically whenever it is docked.

Note : The S Pen’s supercapacitor will start discharging once it is out of the dock. Don’t be surprised if the battery level drops even if you did not use its remote control. This is perfectly normal.

How To Check The Note9 S Pen’s Power Level

You can check the supercapacitor’s power level in your Samsung Galaxy Note9 at Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote.

However, this is really not necessary, because the supercapacitor recharges so quickly! All you need is pop it in its dock for 40 seconds to get it up to 100%!

The Note9 S Pen Has TWO Power Sources!

Believe it or not, this S Pen has TWO power sources.

The supercapacitor is only used to power the Bluetooth Low Energy radio for its remote control functionality.

The stylus itself is still powered electromagnetically by close proximity to the Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s display. This means its stylus functions will never run out of power.

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