Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen Gets Air Gestures + More!

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We can now confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen is getting a few BIG upgrades, including Air Gestures! Here are the full details!


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen

The S Pen is the hallmark feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note family. So it’s no surprise to see it headlining the official invitation video.

The S Pen got some groundbreaking upgrades with the Galaxy Note 9 :

  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • A super capacitor power source
  • Remote control + remote unlock capability

You can read more about those features and more in The Ultimate Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Features + Tips Guide!


What’s New In The Galaxy Note 10 S Pen?

The Note9 S Pen may be awesome, but the Galaxy Note 10 will come with an even more powerful S Pen!

Here is what we already know about the Galaxy Note 10 S Pen :

Air Gestures

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen will support Air Gestures.

This apparently lets you control certain functions using gestures without the S Pen touching the display…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Air Gestures leak

And as this leaked screenshot suggests, it will let you draw or write in the air… How mysterious! We can’t wait to see how it works!

Switch Between Cameras

The new S Pen will also allow you to remotely switch camera lenses.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen camera switch leak

However, we do not know yet whether this feature is activated by a separate button, or multiple presses of the same remote shutter button.

Gesture Commands

The new Note 10 S Pen will support Gesture Commands.

This will allow you to take a picture, change the music track or flip through slides… remotely, using the S Pen!

S Pen Gesture Commands leak

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