Edifier W860NB Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review!

The Edifier W860NB Up Close + Key Features

The Edifier W860NB Up Close!

The W860NB (US | UK | AU | SG | MY) is an elegant-looking pair of wireless headphones.

We like how Edifier chose to use a very nice smooth matte surface that is fingerprint smear resistant.

The W860NB is also very well-built, with a good blend of quality plastics, metal and faux leather. It has a good heft, and feels like a premium pair of cans.

Nestled in both ear cups are 40 mm neodymium drivers with titanium dome diaphragms, designed to deliver strong bass with a wide soundstage.

Despite its modest price point, the W860NB boasts touch controls, as well as a very nice storage case and all the accessories you’ll ever need.

Overall – this is a nice hassle-free buy-and-enjoy package, but let’s delve deeper and see what we find, shall we?


Touch Control + Buttons

The W860NB (US | UK | AU | SG | MY) has two Power buttons on the right ear cup.

The Power button turns on its Bluetooth connectivity and touch controls, while the ANC switch turns on its active noise cancellation circuitry.

Note that they work independently of each other. You can actually turn on the active noise cancellation capability without “turning on” the W860NB.

In fact, you can also listen to music using the 3.5 mm audio cable without, yes, “turning it on” using the Power button.

The W860NB has Bluetooth touch controls on the right ear cup as well. They only work when you are connected to your smartphone or music player using Bluetooth.

The touch controls allow you to change tracks and volume, or accept and end calls, without touching your smartphone or music player.

Just swipe right or left to skip ahead or backwards, and swipe up and down to control the volume. Tapping the centre twice pauses and resumes your music, or accepts and ends a phone call.


Audio + Charging Ports

On the left ear cup, you will find the 3.5 mm audio port. It allows you to connect the W860NB directly to your smartphone or music player, or the airline’s audio jack, using the provided aircraft port adaptor.

Hidden under a rubber cover is a micro-USB port that serves as a charging port. Edifier did not include a USB charger, only a USB cable which you can connect to your computer, your smartphone’s USB charger or even a power bank.

They quote a charging time of 4 hours with a 5 watt charger or USB 3.0 port. If you are recharging it using an older USB 2.0 port though, it should take twice as long.

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How Comfortable Is The W860NB?

The W860NB (US | UK | AU | SG | MY) has an adjustable headband that is padded at the top, and wrapped in soft faux leather.

The headband can be extended by 3 cm on each side, in 9 steps. When fully retracted, it is small enough to fit a child of about 8-9 years of age.

Its ear cups are also padded and covered in faux leather. Being designed for travel, the ear cups are on the small side. They hug your ears, preventing slippage even when you shake your head to the music.

On the other hand, faux leather does not breathe like real leather. So it will get humid inside the smaller space pretty quickly if you are wearing them in warmer weather.

Incidentally, the ear cups can be folded inwards, for a more compact form factor. It won’t fit the provided storage case, but it will be easier to store in your bag!

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