Edifier W828NB ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review!

Edifier W828NB : Our Verdict | Where To Buy?

Edifier W828NB : Our Verdict

Anyone who has ever tried using headphones with active noise cancellation on a flight will appreciate what a difference they make.

They will also realise just how useful noise cancellation can be in other applications – better audio clarity at lower volumes, concentrating better in a noisy office, sleeping better, etc.

The key impediment for the widespread adoption of active noise cancellation can be summed in one word – COST.

Headphones with active noise cancellation are generally much more expensive than regular headphones, and some are prohibitively so. This is where the Edifier W828NB comes in.

Priced at just $89.99 / S$157 / A$119.99 / RM 399, it is incredibly affordable. In fact, you can equip a family of three with W828NB wireless headphones for the same price you would pay for a single pair of Sony 1000XM3 (US | UK | MY) headphones!

But just how effective are its noise cancellation capabilities?

The Edifier W828NB (US | AU | SG | MY) is best at cancelling out low-frequency noise. At higher frequencies, it is limited to passive noise reduction courtesy of its over-ear design and padding.

That means it will effectively cut out most of the annoying rumble of jet engines and road noise; leaving voices quite audible.

If you really need to cut out the higher frequencies, then you need to splurge on headphones that perform digital noise cancellation like the Sony WH-1000XM2 (US | UK | MY) or the latest Sony 1000XM3 (US | UK | MY) headphones.

The ability to block voices may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view. It may be nice to cut out annoying chatter and crying babies, but that may mean you won’t be able to hear important announcements or alerts.

We also noticed that it has a static feedback issue whenever a plane lands. Edifier should definitely look into this problem.

However, we love that the Edifier W828NB used Bluetooth 5.0, with a large battery with enough battery life to last even the longest flight and then some. We also like its classy matte finish, and excellent build quality.

Overall, the Edifier W828NB (US | AU | SG | MY) offers a great combination of features, at a great price point. It really punches above its weight.


Edifier W828NB : Where To Buy?

The Edifier W828NB has a recommended retail price of US$ 89.99 in the US, and RM 399 here in Malaysia. Here are some direct purchase links for your convenience :


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