Edifier W828NB ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review!

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The Edifier W828NB is their latest Bluetooth headphones to offer active noise cancelling capabilities, at a very low price point.

Edifier seems to believe that everyone should be able to afford a decent pair of wireless active noise cancelling headphones, with the W828NB as a more affordable alternative to the excellent W860NB.

In this review, we will take a close look at the Edifier W828NB and share with you our tests of its noise cancelling capabilities. Find out if this is the wireless ANC headphones for you!


Why Active Noise Cancellation?

One of the most important gadgets any frequent traveller must have is a good pair of headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) capability. Whether you want a good night’s sleep, listen to music or watch a movie during a flight or a road trip, active noise cancellation is the way to go.

Passive noise cancellation using over-ear headphones or in-canal earphones may be sufficient for use in an office, but is quite useless on a flight. You can turn up the volume to hear through the noise, but that could damage your hearing.

The best way to listen to music or a conversation in a movie is to use active noise cancellation to literally “erase” the ambient noise. Then you can hear without actually turning up the volume!

Edifier W828NB ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review!


Edifier W828NB Gold Specifications

Let’s kick this review off with a quick look at its key specifications :

Specifications Edifier W828NB
Type Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
Adjustable Headband (up to 6 cm total)
Padded headband and ear cups, with faux leather covers
Noise Cancellation Yes, Active Noise Cancellation
Wireless : Bluetooth 5.0
Wired : 3.5 mm audio cable
Touch Controls None
NFC Support No
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Range 10 meters / 30 feet
Audio Drivers Not specified
Impedence 24 Ohms
Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Sensitivity 100 dB
Battery 1,400 mAh lithium-ion battery (estimated)
Rated Battery Life Standby : 1,500 hours
Music without ANC : 80 hours
Music with ANC : 25 hours
Rated Charging Time 4 hours @ 5 watt USB


Edifier W828NB Price + Availability

The Edifier W828NB has a recommended retail price of US$ 89.99 in the US, and RM 399 here in Malaysia. Here are some direct purchase links for your convenience :


Unboxing The Edifier W828NB

The Edifier W828NB (US | AU | SG | MY) comes in a large premium cardboard box. Let’s unbox it and see what we find inside!

  • Edifier W828NB box front
  • Edifier W828NB box back

Edifier W828NB box contents

Once you fully unbox it, this is what you will find inside :

  • One pair of Edifier W828NB active noise cancelling headphones
  • One Edifier W828NB user manual
  • One soft travel pouch
  • One USB Type A to micro-USB 2.0 charging cable
  • One 3.5 mm audio cable
  • Edifier W828NB travel pouch
  • Edifier W828NB cables

The soft travel pouch is big enough to fit the Edifier W828NB headphones, as well as its cables.

Unfortunately, the package does not include a 3.5 mm aircraft plug adaptor, which means you won’t be able to connect it to the audio system of older airliners.

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