Finally, A Postpaid Plan That Sizes According To Your Needs!

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Celcom Xpax just introduced a new postpaid plan – XP Lite™, with a low-entry price and sizes according to your needs.

Find out why this is the new plan that offers the best value for your money, with flexibility to boot!


The Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ Postpaid Plan At A Glance!

Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ is a brand-new postpaid plan that is designed to appeal to those who want a flexib.

  1. It’s highly-affordable, starting at just RM 28 per month!
  2. It is flexible – size up for more Internet, only when you need it!
  3. Enjoy FREE unlimited Internet every day, just by staying on the plan!
  4. Grab the opportunity to gear up with the latest smartphones!

Celcom Xpax XP Lite benefits summary


Why Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ Gives You The Best Value For Your Money

The new Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ plan has a starting price of just RM 28 per month, making it the cheapest postpaid plan in Malaysia.

Best of all – it gives you access to the best network in Malaysia!

Finally, A Postpaid Plan That Sizes According To Your Needs!


Free Yourself To Choose + Add On This Postpaid Plan!

Celcom Xpax also designed XP Lite™ to be highly flexible, letting you customise the plan your way.

Start with 1 GB of Internet with unlimited calls for just RM 28 per monthAnd if you need more Internet, just size up with L or M Passes!

XP Lite PassLM
Monthly Internet12 GB total
(1 GB + 11 GB)
5 GB total
(1 GB + 4 GB)
FREE Video Walla™3 GB3 GB
Total Internet15 GB8 GB
Pass PriceRM 30 per monthRM 10 per month
Total CostRM 58 per month
(RM 28 + RM 30)
RM 38 per month
(RM 28 + RM 10)

You can also enjoy UNLIMITED INTERNET with the L or M pass using the Celcom Life app – just purchase the Ultra Hour Pass™ from as low as RM 1!


FREE Grab Vouchers With Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ Passes!

If you sign up for XP Lite™ through the Celcom Online Shop, you will receive :

  • a RM 5 Grab voucher, if you subscribe with M Pass!
  • a RM 20 Grab voucher, if you subscribe with L Pass!

This promotion ends on 30 November 2019, so hurry!

Grab voucher for XP Lite postpaid plan


Gear Up This Awesome Postpaid Plan With A FREE Phone!

Celcom Xpax is giving away limited units of the OPPO A1k smartphone for FREE with the XP Lite™ with L Pass, and other smartphones at MASSIVE DISCOUNTS!

Celcom XP Lite postpaid plan free or discounted phones


Stay On Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ + Get Rewarded!

Stay on the Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ plan for more than 6 months to get rewarded with free unlimited Internet every day, or free 1 GB of Video Walla™ bandwidth!

XP Lite PassLM
Stay On Bonus
(7th Month Onwards)
FREE 1 hour of
Ultra Hour Pass™ every day!
Free 1 GB Video Walla™

Celcom Xpax XP Lite free Internet


Enjoy A FREE Size Up From Celcom Xpax!

Everyone can enjoy a free Size Up from one scoop to double scoops from Inside Scoop, Ice Cream Bar and Sweet Escape on 28 November!

For every Saturday from now until 30 November 2019, you will get a FREE SIZE UP of from Regular to Large at these Green Mug outlets in East Malaysia :

Green Mug

  • Green Mug Lintas : Plaza 2, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu
  • Green Mug Kingfisher Outlet : Plaza Kingfisher 6, Kota Kinabalu
  • Green Mug @ Gaya Street : Lot 115, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu
  • Green Mug Kiosk @ EG Mall : Stall F11, Golden Hill Commercial Park, EG Mall, Kota Kinabalu
  • Green Mug Kiosk @ Asquare : 4A, Jalan Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu
  • Green Mug Suria Mall : Lower Ground Floor, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu
  • Green Mug Miri : LG 12A, Bintang Megamall, Miri

Can you really find a better deal than this? #CelcomXpax #XPLite


Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ : Where To Get This Awesome Postpaid Plan

To sign up and size up with Celcom Xpax XP Lite™ to get these benefits :

  • Size Up to L / M Pass for extra 14 GB or 7 GB Internet respectively
  • Stay On with L Pass, and get FREE 1 hour Ultra Hour Pass™ every day!
  • Stay On with M Pass, and get FREE 1 GB Video Walla™
  • Gear Up with a FREE phone with L Pass
  • Get more with Unlimited Internet from only RM 1 with Ultra Hour Pass™

>>> Get all those XP Lite™ benefits here! <<<


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