Galaxy Tab S7 Book Cover Keyboard Review : A Must Get!

Find out why the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard is a must-have accessory for the new Galaxy Tab S7+ and Galaxy Tab S7 tablets!


Samsung Book Cover Keyboard : Galaxy Tab S7 | Tab S7+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and Galaxy Tab S7 are both premium laptops powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+.

Many of their key features are similar. The larger Tab S7+ however comes with a larger and better display, with a larger battery.

Here in Malaysia, they both come bundled with an ultra-low latency S Pen, and the Book Cover Keyboard. But in countries where the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard is optional, this is a must-get accessory.


Samsung Book Cover Keyboard : Price + Availability

The Samsung Book Cover Keyboard is available for both Galaxy Tab S7 models. They only differ in their sizes :

Samsung Book Cover Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung Book Cover Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S7


Samsung Book Cover Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S7+ : Unboxing

The Samsung Book Cover Keyboard comes in a separate retail box. Here is our unboxing video.


Samsung Book Cover Keyboard : A Must-Have!

The Samsung Book Cover Keyboard uses a two-piece design – a front keyboard cover, and a back cover that doubles as a kickstand.

It transforms your Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7+ tablet into a virtual laptop, thanks to its integrated keyboard and touchpad.

The kickstand with its “free stop hinge” lets you freely adjust the angle of the tablet all the way to 165°.

But the downsides with a kickstand design – it takes up more space, and works best on a flat surface.

It is rather heavy at 502 grams, but gives you not just a keyboard but a large trackpad as well. In fact, its trackpad is much larger than the trackpad from the Galaxy Tab S6‘s Book Cover Keyboard.

It also has 26% larger keycaps than the Tab S6 version, with a 18.3 mm key pitch. However, its odd-shaped Enter key will get some getting used to.

The Book Cover Keyboard also has an S Pen compartment which nicely fits over its dock, ensuring that you will never lose it.

This compartment is cleverly locked magnetically, and flips open when you need to take out the S Pen, or put it back.

The back cover is thick enough to properly protect the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+’s camera bump.

But that’s really not an issue because the S Pen compartment bulge conveniently keeps the camera bump off any surface you place it on.


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