Black Shark 2 PRO In-Depth Review : A Real Gaming Beast!

Black Shark 2 Pro Video Recording Performance

Black Shark 2 Pro Video Recording Performance

The Black Shark 2 Pro (MY | SG | AU | UK) is capable of recording 4K from its 48 MP main camera, but curiously does not record video from its telephoto camera at all.

That means you do not have the ability to switch from the main camera to the telephoto camera. You can only record videos with the main camera.

Also odd is the fact that while the front 20 MP camera is more than capable of recording 4K videos, it’s limited to 1080p video recording.

Well, let’s take a look at some 1080p and 4K video samples from the main camera!

Video Sample #1 : Piano (1080p)

The image quality at 1080p is very good, and while its exposure is a little too dim, it has good control – allowing you to see right to the back of the store in the background.

It also appears to use electronic image stabilisation to get rid of hand shake, and keep everything steady.

Its noise cancellation was pretty good, but it was marred by an overly bright audio recording. It also seems to be recording some wind noise.

Video Sample #2 : Piano (4K)

Its 4K image quality is very good, and it actually seems to have better exposure control. However, the image is no longer stabilised at 4K. You can see the hand shake very clearly.

Yet again, its audio recording is way, way too bright. Which is a shame, because it seems to have very good noise cancelling capability.

Video Sample #3 : Street Market (1080p)

In this test of its image stabilisation capabilities, you can see that at 1080p, it does a pretty good job of cancelling out hand shake as we walked.

The Black Shark 2 Pro (MY | SG | AU | UK) appears to be optimised for recording voices – you can clearly people’s voices even as we walk past them.

Video Sample #4 : Street Market (4K)

Again, there was no image stabilisation at 4K – so you get to see and experience every shake and jerk. We definitely do NOT advise you recording videos at 4K when you are on-the-move.

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