Apple Quietly Releasing New iPad Models In October 2023?!

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Is Apple about to quietly release new iPad models in October 2023?! Take a look at the new rumours!


Claim : Apple Is Releasing New iPad Models In October 2023!

The Internet is abuzz with rumours that Apple is about to quietly release new iPad models this week, in October 2023!

It started with a report by SuperCharged that “sources familiar with Apple’s media plans” told them that Apple will announce new iPad models “as soon as Tuesday, October 17”, and the new iPads will have these improvements:

  • iPad Air : upgraded with M2 chip, up from M1
  • iPad mini : upgraded with A16 Bionic chip
  • entry-level iPad : unknown, possibly A16 Bionic chip

Apple will announce updates to its iPad lineup this week, according to sources familiar with Apple’s media plans who spoke to Supercharged. Apple is planning briefings with select media personnel scheduled for later this week specifically focused on the iPad.

The sources added that the announcements could happen as soon as Tuesday, October 17.

The updates will feature minor spec bumps, bringing the models in line with faster and more efficient chips. The iPad Air will gain the M2 chip, an upgrade from the current M1 chip, while the upcoming iPad mini will feature the A16 Bionic chip.

The announcements will take place on Apple’s website and its YouTube channel and will not include a flashy hybrid event for significant product announcements.

This report was later corroborated by 9to5Mac, who spoke to their own sources:

Via Supercharged, Apple is set to announce new iPad updates this week, likely on Tuesday October 17. 9to5Mac has corroborated the report with our own sources.

The iPad Air, iPad mini and the base model iPad are expected to be refreshed. These updates will likely comprise smaller spec bump updates rather than significant design changes.

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Apple Quietly Releasing New iPad Models In October 2023?!


Doubts Apple Is Releasing New iPad Models In October 2023!

While that seems exciting news – finally we get updated iPads! – there are already doubts circulating around these rumours.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, for example, is well-connected and quickly casted doubts on these rumours:

More often than not, the company debuts new laptops and iPads in October — about a month after the latest iPhone and watch get out the door.

And while I reported in July that Apple was planning such a release this year, the latest indications are that it won’t happen this month.

A new entry-level iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini are all in development with faster chips, but I don’t believe updates of any significance are imminent

Apple supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, also said last month that “new iPad models are unlikely before the year’s end“.

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Exasperated Apple Shifts Some iPad Production Out Of China!

Now, I’m no Mark Gurman or Ming-Chi Kuo, and Tech ARP is no 9to5Mac or SuperCharged, but I did break the news on Apple’s new MagSafe connector and the SD card reader’s return in the 2021 MacBook Pro.

I actually heard from a source a couple of weeks earlier that Apple will not release any new entry-level iPad models this year. Rather, the new entry-level iPad is slated to debut in April 2024.

This, of course, only addresses the entry-level iPad models. It is possible that Apple will announce updated iPad Air and iPad mini models this week, while leaving the entry-level iPad for April 2024.

However, my money is on Apple not releasing any new iPad models this year, and my source is correct about the April 2024 date. In fact, I literally bet my own money on my source’s information, by purchasing an iPad yesterday for my parents.

In any case, I don’t think Apple will wow anyone with the new entry-level iPad model. It’s all about incremental changes these days. In fact, Apple has already been shifting away from a yearly update cycle, as it gets harder to deliver any exciting updates for these tablets.

On top of that, the entry-level iPad was completely redesigned just a year ago – in October 2022. Most likely, the new entry-level iPad will feature the A16 Bionic chip, with maybe a new colour or two. Is that exciting? I don’t think so.

The truth is – even the 7th Generation iPad that I currently own is fast enough for most people. I personally don’t see a real need to upgrade to the 11th Generation iPad when it arrives, whether it’s this week, or in April 2024.

So yes, I think Apple will quietly update its iPad line-up through a simple and cheap press release and YouTube announcement. I just don’t think it’s this week, or even this year.


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