Did Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max Video Just Leak?!

Did a video of the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max just leak?! Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max Video Just Leaked!

People are sharing a video which claims to show “live footage” of an Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max smartphone running on iOS 18 at a Chinese factory!

BreakingTech : An anonymous source has leaked the live footage of iPhone 16 Pro Max with iOS 18 pre build from a Chinese factory

Under panel Camera and Face ID can be seen in the video

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Truth : Leaked Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max Video Is Fake!

This appears to be a fake video using an iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphone, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : It Appears To Be An Upside Down iPhone

Let me start by pointing out the device appears to be an upside down iPhone. You can see the single side button on the left side, where the cluster of two volume control buttons and the ring switch should have been.

Fact #2 : It Is Most Likely The iPhone 14 Pro Max

The device in the video is most likely the iPhone 14 Pro Max because it appears to have thicker 2.2 mm bezels than the 1.5 mm bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The thicker bezels also tells us that this is unlikely to be the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Fact #3 : upsidedowned Lets iPhone Rotate Upside Down

It is likely that the video creator used the upsidedowned tweak to rotate the iPhone 14 Pro Max upside down

If you look at the sample photo, it looks like what was shown in the fake iPhone 16 Pro Max video, doesn’t it?

Fact #4 : Front + FaceID Cameras Cannot Be Seen At All

While some people are claiming that the video shows the under-display front and Face ID cameras, they are not visible at any point in the video.

That’s because the iPhone appears to be recorded upside down. That could explain why the entire device isn’t visible in the video – it would have shown the Dynamic Island at the bottom.

Fact #5 : iPhone Appears To Be Jailbroken

When the video creator swiped down to display the Control Center, the carrier name has an emoji of a bear (is that Pooh the bear???) which tells us that the iPhone was jailbroken.

Fact #6 : Control Center Appears To Be iOS 16

The Control Panel shown on the iPhone in the video appears to be from iOS 16, with horizontal brightness and volume controls. The Control Center was redesigned in iOS 17, and looks quite different – it has horizontal brightness and volume controls, for example.

Fact #7 : iPhone Details Can Be Changed

Just in case you are wondering – you can change your iPhone’s serial numbers and other details, including the iOS version and model name, using HideSerialNumber.

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