The Top 5 Reasons Why The Honor 10 Is Awesome!

The Honor 10 smartphone is one of the best smartphones Honor ever made. Here are the top 5 reasons why the Honor 10 is amazing!


Reason #1 : Exquisite Aurora Glass

The first thing that strikes you when you pick up the Honor 10 (US Price Check) for the first time is the spectacular Aurora Glass design. Inspired by aerial net sculptures and first introduced in the Honor 8, the Aurora Glass is painstakingly crafted using 15 layers of membrane and glass in a Class 100 dust-free workshop.

Creating the Aurora Glass is a laborious affair that takes twice as long to fabricate, with a high failure rate. But all that hard work and sacrifice is rewarded with the exquisite Aurora Glass design that is literally out-of-this-world.


Reason #2 : Large True Colour Display

You will be amazed by the Honor 10’s large 5.84″ display, with an incredible 86% screen-to-body ratio. Thanks to its bezel-less design, the Honor 10 (US Price Check) is only about the size of a traditional 5.2″ smartphone. You will love how it fits in your hand and pocket. Now you can have your cake and eat it too – a large display in a small package!

You will also be amazed by the display’s true colour capability. The Honor 10 (US Price Check) has an improved FullView 2.0 display with a wide 96% NTSC colour gamut. Once you see your photos and videos appearing exactly as they would in real life, you can never go back!


Reason #3 : AI Camera

The Honor 10 (US Price Check) has an amazing dual-lens AI camera that combines a 16 MP RGB camera with a 24 MP monochrome camera to capture photos with less noise and greater detail.

The RGB sensor captures the colour data; while the monochrome sensor captures the details, with less noise and greater sharpness. Both cameras then combine their sensor data to create a final image that is sharper and with greater detail than would be possible with a single RGB camera

But its photographic capabilities go beyond its dual-lens setup.

The Honor 10 AI Camera can recognise more than 500 photographic scenarios in real-time, identifying the outlines of objects and separating them from the background using the world’s first Semantic Image Segmentation technology.

Semantic Image Segmentation is game-changing because it allows the Honor 10 to literally take apart the picture, and dynamically enhance each element separately for the best results possible. You can take great photos, but the Honor 10 will make them amazing!


Reason #4 : Flagship CPU With AI Capabilities

The Honor 10 (US Price Check) runs on the most powerful platform from HiSilicon – the Kirin 970. This is a flagship-class platform that is fabricated on the latest and most power-efficient 10 nm process.

The Kirin 970 does not only boast a fast octa-core CPU and a 12-core GPU, it supports the latest LPDDR4X memory, and comes with the best-in-class network capabilities – LTE Cat18 for download speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps, with 4×4 MIMO, 5CC carrier aggregation and 256-QAM.

The HiSilicon Kirin 970 also boasts a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) that delivers 25X the AI processing performance, at half the size! The Kirin 970 NPU is more than twice as fast as the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, and 21X faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The AI processing capability of the Kirin 970 NPU is important because it allows the Honor 10 AI Camera to quickly identify the scene and apply the appropriate settings for the best picture possible. Take this motion capture demo, for example.

The Kirin 970’s ability to identify and predict the motion in the scene allows it to better capture a sharper image. Without the AI predictive capability, it will be virtually impossible to capture a clear image of an object in motion.


Reason #5 : Unbelievable Price!

Flagship smartphones always feature the best technologies possible. However, they are often priced in the stratosphere for the same reason. The Honor 10 (US Price Check) is one of the few exceptions.

Price at only RM 1,599 / ~US$ 399, the Honor 10 (US Price Check) offers flagship capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Can you find another flagship smartphone with the same features at this price point? No, you cannot!


Honor 10 Price & Availability

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The Honor 10 is available in three colour options – Phantom Blue, Glacier Grey and Midnight Black – at a low, low price of RM 1,599 / £299 / US$ 403! You can get them from :

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