Did NATO + Russian Forces Engage In Battle In Ukraine?!

Did NATO troops from France and Germany engage Russian troops in battle at Chasiv Yar, Ukraine?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : NATO + Russian Troops Engaged In Battle In Ukraine!

People are claiming that NATO troops from France and Germany just engaged Russian troops in battle at Chasiv Yar, Ukraine.

US Civil Defense News : 🚨Update: Reports that NATO (French and German) troops entered the battle to defend Ukraine near the Chasov Yar, Ukraine! This is bad news.

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Truth : NATO + Russian Troops Did Not Engage In Battle In Ukraine!

This is yet another example of fake news about the Ukraine War, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : No Evidence Of Battle Between NATO + Russian Troops

First, let me just point out that there is zero evidence of any battle between NATO and Russian troops at Chasiv Yar, Ukraine. There is also no evidence that 7 NATO soldiers died in that battle!

If such a battle actually occurred, Russia would have officially protested against the direct involvement of NATO troops in battle against its forces. After all, Russia has already threatened action against any NATO troops in Ukraine.

Yet, there was no official condemnation by Russia over this alleged battle with NATO troops from France and Germany. Unsurprisingly, none of those who made these claims ever provided any evidence.

There was also no photographic evidence of the battle, or NATO soldiers fighting Russian forces at Chasiv Yar. That’s because it never happened.

Fact #2 : Photo Was Posted At Least 9 Years Ago

This photo showing French Foreign Legion soldiers posing next to a helicopter, is being shared as “evidence” that NATO troops were deployed to fight against Russian forces. Allegedly, this photo was taken at or near Chasiv Yar.

However, this photo isn’t new. In fact, a Russian forum posted it (archive) on 1 December 2014 – over 9.5 years ago! That may not even be the oldest example of this photo, but it was the oldest I found so far.

The truth is – this photo was not taken in Ukraine, and has nothing to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or NATO troops fighting against Russian forces in Chasiv Yar.

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Fact #3 : Claim Based On Single Russian Source

The claim of NATO soldiers engaged in battle with Russian forces appear to be based on a single Russian source – Colonelcassad on Telegram, who posted on 5 May 2024 (translated):

French and German mercenaries entered the battle near the Chasov Yar

It was posted in Russian, hence the Russified name, Chasov Yar, instead of the official Ukrainian name, Chasiv Yar.

However, Colonelcassad provided no evidence to back up his claims. Where is the drone footage? Where are the photos and/or videos of the battle or the 7 dead NATO soldiers???

His claims were never corroborated by other sources, and certainly not by Russian media, or the Russian government.

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Fact #5 : French Foreign Legion Soldiers Were Allegedly Deployed

Colonelcassad referred to an earlier report that French Foreign Legion soldiers were allegedly deployed to Slavyansk – a city approximately 50 km away from Chasiv Yar.

That report was based on a single report by the Russian Weapons Telegram channel, which stated (translated):

⚡️The first company-tactical units of the French Foreign Legion are deployed in the Slavyansk and Kramatorsk operational directions. It is this fact that may be responsible for the multiple intensification of high-precision rocket and artillery strikes of the Tornado-S MLRS on the logistics hubs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Slavyansk, Seversk and Kramatorsk.

The Russian Weapons Telegram channel not only provided no evidence to back up its claim, it shared a photo that was taken more than 9.5 years ago (see Fact #2 above)!

So there is no actual evidence that any French Foreign Legion contingent was deployed to Slavyansk.

Fact #6 : French Troops Were Allegedly Only Military Advisors

In any case, Russian Weapons did not claim that those French Foreign Legion soldiers were there to fight against Russian forces. In fact, it only claimed that those soldiers were likely there as foreign advisors to help with Ukrainian rocket and artillery strikes.

It would, therefore, make sense that those soldiers were allegedly deployed to Slavyansk – some 50 km away, and not the frontlines at Chasiv Yar.

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Fact #7 : No Germans Troops Were Allegedly Deployed

On top of that, Russian Weapons only mentioned French Foreign Legion soldiers were allegedly deployed to Chasiv Yar.

There was no mention of any German troops, although it is possible that there might be Germans in the French Foreign Legion. French Foreign Legion soldiers are mostly foreigners, with the exception of its commission officers.

That said – German nationals serving under the French Foreign Legion would be considered as French soldiers. On top of that, Legionnaires may apply for French citizenship after three years of service, or upon being wounded in battle.

In any case, there are no known sources claiming that actual German troops were deployed to Slavyansk or Chasiv Yar in Ukraine. So why would anyone quote Russian Weapons and suggest that there were German troops as well???

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