Mark Zuckerberg Fact Check : My Wife China And Not Pretty

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Clickbait websites are sharing a post that Mark Zuckerberg wrote called My Wife China And Not Pretty.

Many praised it, calling him a true gentleman. Many shared it as an example of Mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence in choosing a wife with inner beauty.

Find out what Mark Zuckerberg wrote about his Chinese wife, and what the FACTS really are!


Mark Zuckerberg Allegedly Wrote This : My Wife China And Not Pretty

So many ask me, why do I choose Chinese wife who is not beautiful while I (according to them) is the one who has excessive wealth?

I should (according to them) I can get a wife who is “more” than my current wife, priscilla chan.

Mark Zuckerberg Fact Check : My Wife China And Not Pretty

First of all to answer that question, I want to discuss what a beautiful woman is? and what is a woman not beautiful?

Honestly, I myself have many opportunities to meet beautiful women, many of them want to be my wife, but what is called “beautiful women” is mostly heart like glass, very fragile.

If you are sick as cranky like a king’s daughter, and arrogant, arrogant, and will always ask me why is it so rich but don’t want to change the car?

I know their goal of wanting to be my wife is to show off in the jet set environment, after which there will be more demands as a rich man’s wife.

A woman is as beautiful as however, if her heart can only demand, still looks ugly, her soul is also dirty.

Such a woman is just said to be an ugly woman, given free I don’t want to!

“Beauty outside will be reduced as age, but beauty from the inside will increase its value as age” that’s how Chinese proverb says, therefore I try to avoid to contact with things that quickly descends its value.

Then from them came another question, what do I like about priscilla chan, my wife?

“The expression of a woman’s face is a reflection of her heart” her smile always amazes me.

Since pregnant, Priscilla completely ignored the changes that happened to the expression of her face due to her pregnancy, kept dressed simple, without grooming, but precisely her happiness I felt fully and also seen to others.

I like the simplicity.

I like her look.

Priscilla is a passionate woman but wise, brave but loving, leader but can also support others.

I love everything while with her, I feel so comfortable & at ease.

I don’t feel like Priscilla is using me or boasting over me. In addition to having high intellectual intelligence, she also has high emotional intelligence, don’t forget that Priscilla is a graduate of Harvard University medicine.

You can try the university entrance test, majoring in law, medicine, economics is the majors that people grab, even though passing the entry test is not necessarily you can pass well.

So actually if you want to show off, it’s better for me to show off priscilla, not the other way around.

“Marriage is like a pair of shoes, only the wearer who knows the shoes are comfortable to wear or not” Priscilla is best suited for me, and I feel priscilla is the most ideal couple on the face of this earth.

I used to get acquainted with Priscilla in the queue in the toilet. In his eyes, I am just a nerd, nothing more. From that moment on I said in my heart “This is my soulmate”

In your eyes, Priscilla is a woman not beautiful, but in my eyes she is the beautiful woman and most compatible with me.

I couldn’t resist showing off my photos with Priscilla being so happy. In the photo looks like me and priscilla are so peaceful & natural.


Mark Zuckerberg (founder of FACEBOOK)


Our Verdict : Misogynistic BULLSHIT!

The My Wife China And Not Pretty essay was NOT written by Mark Zuckerberg, and is utter misogynistic bullshit. Here is a short summary of our debunking :

  • Mark Zuckerberg did not write that, and has never commented on his wife’s looks.
  • The writer has horrible grammar and spelling, and is probably a Chinese native.
  • Priscilla Chan graduated from medical school at USC, not Harvard.

It is also shocking to see so many people think that it’s admirable for any man to say that he loves his wife even though she’s Chinese and not pretty.

That’s really misogynistic, and even racist. Think about it.


Mark Zuckerberg Did NOT Write My Wife China And Not Pretty

For those who are now asking, “How do you know that? You were not in the room!“, here are the reasons why we know that for sure…

Fact #1 : Mark Zuckerberg Writes Well

You guys are aware that Mark Zuckerberg has a Facebook page, right? If you read ANY of his posts, you will realise that he can write with PROPER GRAMMAR.

The My Wife China and Not Pretty essay reads like some Chinese person wrote it in Mandarin, and had it translated into English by Google Translate.

How on Earth does anyone believe that Mark Zuckerberg would write an essay with such horrible grammar?

Take a look at this 2015 Facebook post, where he announced that Priscilla was pregnant. Look at how well he wrote it :

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announcing pregnancy 2015

Fact #2 : Mark Zuckerberg Did Not Write It

The picture was misappropriated from his 2 January 2020 Facebook post, in which he wished everyone Happy New Year.

If you go through his posts, you will NOT find a single post about his wife being “China and not pretty”.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Happy New Year 2020

Fact #3 : Mark Zuckerberg Would Never Sign Off Like That

Never mind Mark Zuckerberg…. Who on Earth would sign off a Facebook post or article like this???

Mark Zuckerberg (founder of FACEBOOK)

His name is clearly visible at the top of his Facebook posts. And his name would be posted right under the title of every article he wrote that is published in the media.

And seriously – do you really think he needs to remind people that he founded Facebook?

Fact #4 : Mark Zuckerberg Has Never Commented On Priscilla’s Looks

As far as we can determine, Mark Zuckerberg has never commented on Priscilla’s looks. He has always complimented her in other ways :

Even in this Annie Leibovitz picture of both of them, he commented on her expression, not her looks.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Annie Leibovitz photo

Fact #5 : Priscilla Chan Graduated From USC’s Medical School

Priscilla Chan graduated from Harvard University, but she did not study medicine there. She graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

Did Mark Zuckerberg really forget that his wife graduated from University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine?


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