Fact Check : US Protestors Asking China For Help!

Pictures of George Floyd protestors in the US asking China for help are going viral, and they are all FAKE!

Find out why the pictures are fake, and they are part of a disinformation campaign surrounding the George Floyd protests in the US!


US Protestors Asking China For Help!

At least two pictures are circulating, showing George Floyd protestors in the US calling for China to help them fight against the American authorities. We added the HOAX overlay to prevent further abuse.

They are being shared on Facebook, WhatsApp and Reddit as examples of American hypocrisy, or comeuppance for supporting Hong Kong protestors against the Chinese government.

It is also richly ironic since Hong Kong protestors waved American flags and openly asked for the United States to liberate their city from China.

What patriotic Chinese or pro-Chinese sympathiser wouldn’t want to rub America’s nose in their hubris and constant interfering in the private affairs of foreign nations?


US Protestors Asking China For Help : All Fake!

Unfortunately for China and their supporters, the Americans never actually asked them for help.

In the first photo, the Chinese flag was added to the concrete barrier and the man’s sign was edited to replace the real text, Liberty or Justice Till I Can’t Breathe!!!! with CHINA HELP ME BREATHE.

Photo Credit : The Times UK

In this second picture, a large Chinese flag was added to the foreground, and HELP US CHINA added to the blank piece of paper held by the lady on the far left.

The Muslim lady on the right, was also edited – replacing her smartphone with a Chinese flag.

Peaceful demonstrators observe a moment of silence outside the US Bank Stadium during the fourth day of protests after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US on May 29, 2020 [Nicholas Pfosi/Reuters]

These fake pictures follow a slew of similar fake news about the George Floyd protests in the US :

So beware of similar fake posts, because they appear to be part of some disinformation campaign.


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