Will TikTok Be Banned In Pakistan After Student’s Death?

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Will TikTok be banned by Pakistan after the death of a student today, like how PUBG was suspended recently?


Student’s Tragic Death While Shooting TikTok Video

Earlier today, 10 July 2020, a 14 year-old student in Pakistan accidentally shot himself while shooting a TikTok video, in the Bagan neighbourhood of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The 14 year-old student, identified as Abdul Samad, was killed after he accidentally fired the gun while filming himself on TikTok.

Will TikTok Be Banned In Pakistan After Student Death?


Will TikTok Be Banned In Pakistan After Student Death?

This new tragedy follows a string of unfortunate deaths in Pakistan, while teenagers and children attempt to make popular TikTok videos :

  • June 2020 : 17 year-old boy accidentally pulled the trigger of his father’s gun while filming himself holding the gun to his temple in a TikTok video.
  • April 2020 : 22 year-old man died after being hit by a train, while performing a TikTok challenge at the Jumma Goth railway station.
  • March 2020 : a policeman was accidentally shot and killed while trying to snatch his gun back from a female friend who took his gun to film her TikTok video
  • December 2019 : 16 year-old boy accidentally shot himself while recording a TikTok video.

Considering PUBG was recently suspended after a student committed suicide, it seems likely that Pakistan may be forced to order a suspension of TikTok after this student’s death.

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Pakistan Suspends PUBG Due To Children Suicide Risks!

Should TikTok be held responsible for these deaths? Arguably, they have to consider if it is really smart to allow videos of people showing off and shooting guns on a short video platform that many children and teenagers use unsupervised.

There is no age check so anyone can watch those videos, irrespective of how young they are. Heck, you don’t even need an account to watch!


TikTok Controversies Keep Piling Up!

While TikTok is very popular with children and teenagers, it keeps getting wracked by controversies, some of its own doing.

It was caught spying on what we type in other apps, not once but TWICE. Coupled with Chinese belligerence in the Himalayas, that led to India banning TikTok together with 58 other Chinese apps.

Its penchant for promoting TikTok challenges led to deaths and injuries from the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump Challenge.

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More recently, it powered the George Floyd Challenge, which was not only extremely racist but also dangerous for children to imitate.

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