Fact Check : Tasuku Honjo Confident USA Created COVID-19!

Nobel laureate Professor Dr. Tasuku Honjo allegedly said that he is confident that the USA created the COVID-19 coronavirus, which is not a natural virus based on his research.

Find out what exactly did he say, and if it’s true that the USA created the COVID-19 coronavirus!

Fact Check : Tasuku Honjo Confident USA Created COVID-19!


Claim : Tasuku Honjo Confident USA Created COVID-19!

Mir Monaz Haque, the Editor-In-Chief of Asia Today, posted this on 25 April 2020 :


Japan’s professor of Physiology or Medicine, Professor Dr Tasuku Honjo, created a sensation in front of the media today by saying that the corona virus is not natural.

if it is natural, it wudn’t hv adversely affected entire world like this. bcoz, as per nature, Temperature is different in different countries.

if it is natural, it wud’ve adversely affected only those countries hvg same temperature as China. instead, It is spreading in a country like Switzerland, in the same way it is spreading in the desert areas.

whereas if it were natural, it would hv spread in cold places, but died in hot places. I have done 40 years of research on animals and viruses.

It is not natural. It is manufactured and the virus is completely artificial.

I have come to the conclusion that since USA has all the 5 strains mutating at the same time, and there are millions of infections with some around still not tested, it is obvious, that the the huge number of death lends credibility to the CDC of America ‘s wrong classification of corona virus death in July to December 2019 to Flu diseases.

Also a reported leak and closure of Fort Detrick ,and strange Coronavirus death spreading in Italy and Iran in November, even before the Wuhan outbreak , lend credibility to the early outbreak from America. I can now said with confidence USA is the source of the original outbreak. 👆🏾


Our Verdict : Complete Bullshit

This story is such complete bullshit and appears to be a bastardised version of the original hoax which blamed China.

  • Professor Tasuku Honjo issued a statement refuting those claims.
  • Professor Tasuku Honjo does not work on viruses, and has never said that the virus is artificial.
  • Genomic analysis have proven that SARS-CoV-2 is a natural virus that is very closely-related to bat coronaviruses.
  • Multiple strains in the USA would prove that it is not the origin of COVID-19 virus.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic started in Wuhan, China… not Maryland, USA

Tasuku Honjo hoax USA


Tasuku Honjo Confident USA Created COVID-19 : The Facts

For those who are thinking to themselves, “How do you know it’s fake? You were NOT there!“, here are the reasons why we know for sure…

Fact #1 : Viruses Can Spread In Cold + Warm Climates

While certain viruses spread better in warmer climates, other viruses spread better in colder climates.

The susceptibility of a virus to humidity and temperature depends on whether it has a lipid bilayer envelope or not.

The COVID-19 coronavirus is enveloped, and is thus more likely to spread better in cold, dry climates. But that doesn’t mean it cannot spread well in warm, humid climates.

Fact #2 : The COVID-19 Virus Is Natural, And Related To Bats

Genomic analysis have proven that the COVID-19 is natural, for these reasons :

  • an artificial virus would have to be created from existing viruses and their genetic data
  • the SARS-CoV-2 virus has components that have never been seen before
  • it is very similar to existing bat coronaviruses.

Tasuku Honjo 02

Fact #3 : Professor Honjo Does Not Work On Viruses

Tasuku Honjo is a professor of Immunology and Genomic Medicine. He has only worked on immunology, not virology.

His 2018 Nobel Prize, in particular, was for his work on stimulating the immune system to attack tumour cells in cancer.

Fact #4 : Tasuku Honjo Issued A Statement On This Claim

Professor Honjo issued this statement through one of his PhD students :

Prof. Honjo never gave any such statement. Each and every sentence of this post is completely false and has no connection with truth.

Prof. Honjo never worked in Wuhan laboratory. He never called there. He did not work on virus origin and functions and other related issues.

All the contents are just concocted and nothing else.

Tasuku Honjo 01

Fact #5 : Tasuku Honjo Said COVID-19 Originated In China

In an interview with Nikkei Asian Review on 10 April 2020, Professor Tasuku Honjo said that COVID-19 originated in China, but also that it will be the first country to recover from it.

However, he never said that it was manufactured or created by China. Originating in a country, is quite different from creating it.

Fact #6 : Multiple Strains Denote A Later Time Line

Viruses mutate and create new strains over time. A novel virus like COVID-19 would start with a single strain and evolve into multiple strains as it spreads globally and mutate over time.

Hence, the very fact that there are five strains in the United States would actually refute it as the source of SARS-CoV-2 – the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In fact, by analysing the genomic changes of these strains, scientists have pretty much concluded that SARS-CoV-2 did indeed originate in China.

COVID-19 strains by nextstrain

Fact #7 : Earliest COVID-19 Death In US Was In February 2020

The CDC did not wrongly diagnose COVID-19 deaths in the US from July to December 2019.

The earliest death from COVID-19 in the US was revised on 22 April 2020, with the diagnosis of three COVID-19 deaths in Santa Clara, California :

  • a 57 year-old woman on 6 February 2020
  • a 69 year-old man on 17 February 2020
  • a 70 year-old man on 6 March 2020

Fact #8 : Fort Detrick Was Closed Because Of Sterilisation Plant Failure

The CDC temporarily shut down the US Army lab at Fort Detrick on 2 August 2019, after finding “biosafety lapses” there.

Conspiracy theorists pounced on that as “evidence” that COVID-19 may have leaked from Fort Detrick, but a quick check would reveal that :

  • the shutdown was ordered because the lab was no longer able to decontaminate wastewater from its highest security labs.
  • the lab’s steam sterilisation plant was damaged in a flood in May 2018, and they had been using a chemical decontamination method instead.
  • no disease-causing materials were found outside authorised areas
  • if SARS-CoV-2 leaked from Fort Detrick, Maryland would have been the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, not Wuhan.

Fact #9 : SARS-CoV-2 Is Just ONE Of Many Coronaviruses

Conspiracy theorists keep saying that coronavirus deaths were reported long before SARS-CoV-2 appeared in Wuhan.

But the fact of the matter is – SARS-CoV-2 is merely one of many coronaviruses in the world, including SARS and MERS!

The earliest cases of COVID-19 have so far been traced back to Wuhan, China.


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