Sunway TCM Offering Oxygen Machine For Free Loan?

Is it true that the Sunway TCM Centre is offering 100 units of their oxygen machine for free loan to COVID-19 patients?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Sunway TCM Centre Offering Oxygen Machine For Free Loan!

This message has gone viral on WhatsApp over the last few days, claiming that the Sunway TCM Centre is offering 100 units of their oxygen machine (concentrator) for free loan by COVID-19 patients.

If anyone infected by Covid 19 & need oxygen machine,may contact Fo Guang Shan Jenjarom at 03-31911533, there are 100 unit of oxygen machine to be loaned. Free to use but must return once don’t need so can borrow to others, to save more lives.

Sunway TCM Centre (under Sunway Healthcare Group)
Teleconsultation and Herbs delivery for COVID 19 patients

*FOC consultation fee for confirmed cases.

Call NOW :
📞 +603-58861818 /
📞 +603-58861811
📱 WhatsApp: +601159537993

Share this to those who may need help. You can save lives.


Truth : Sunway TCM Centre Not Offering Oxygen Machine For Free Loan!

Like most viral news on COVID-19, this is yet another piece of fake news. Here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Sunway TCM Not Offering Free Loan Of Oxygen Machine

The Sunway TCM Centre is NOT offering 100 units of their oxygen machine for free loan to COVID-19 patients.

This was confirmed by the Sunway Healthcare Group on 26 July 2021.

Fact #2 : Sunway TCM Does Not Have Oxygen Machines

The Sunway TCM Centre do not actually have oxygen machines.

They are actually sold or rented out by Sunway Home Healthcare, a separate entity of the Sunway Healthcare Group.

Fact #3 : Sunway Healthcare Refuted The Claim

The Sunway Healthcare Group issued a press release on 26 July 2021, which stated :

Sunway Healthcare Group wishes to clarify that part of a message, which is currently circulating via WhatsApp, is not authentic information representing Sunway TCM Centre.

Sunway Healthcare Group provides various health services to support the management of COVID-19 patients, including these supportive services:

  1. Sunway TCM Centre:
    a. Free tele-consultation for confirmed COVID-19 patients.
    b. Availability of clinically evidence-based herbal supplements, as an effective auxiliary treatment for COVID-19 patient, to alleviate signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and aid in recovery.
  2. Sunway Home Healthcare:
    a. Rental or sale of oxygen concentrator and pulse oximeter available.e
    b. Post-COVID-19 home care service which includes nursing assessment with blood tests and home physiotherapy is available.

They notably avoided any mention of free loan of the oxygen concentrator machines, because they are in the business of renting or selling them, not giving them out for free use.


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