Did Sumatra Earthquake Topple These Shipping Containers?!

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Watch the viral video of shipping containers toppling over, and find out if it happened during the Sumatra earthquake!


Claim : Sumatra Earthquake Toppled These Shipping Containers!

At 9:39 AM on 25 February 2022, people across South East Asia felt the tremors of a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Almost immediately, netizens started sharing pictures and videos of people evacuating buildings, including a viral video of shipping containers toppling over.

Some people alleged it happened in Port Klang, Malaysia while others claim it happened in Pekan Baru, Indonesia.


Truth : Storm Eunice Toppled Shipping Containers, Not Sumatra Earthquake!

This is yet another example of fake news circulating on WhatsApp, and here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Video Was Recorded 6 Days Earlier

The video is genuine, but was recorded 6 days before the Sumatra earthquake on 19 February 2022.

Fact #2 : It Happened At Rotterdam Port

The video was not recorded at Port Klang in Malaysia, or Pekan Baru in Indonesia.

The video was recorded at the Port of Rotterdam – Europe’s largest seaport, and half a world away from the Sumatra earthquake.

Fact #3 : Tremors Were Mild In Malaysia

While many people in the Klang Valley felt the tremors from the Sumatra earthquake, they were relatively mild.

They were certainly not strong enough to topple shipping containers, even empty ones.

Fact #4 : Storm Eunice Toppled Those Containers

The containers seen in the video were toppled by Storm Eunice, which recorded wind gusts of up to 196 km per hour (122 miles per hour).

Four people were killed in The Netherlands, not by those containers, but by fallen trees.

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