Is Stanley Johnson’s Marburg Virus Book About Vaccine Depopulation?

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Did Stanley Johnson – Boris Johnson’s father – write a book about depopulating the world using the Marburg virus, and forced vaccination?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Stanley Johnson’s Marburg Virus Book Is About Vaccine Depopulation!

Stanley Johnson – the father of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – is the latest villain, according to messages circulating on Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

Apparently, Stanley Johnson wrote a book about depopulating the world using the Marburg virus, and forced vaccination!

Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley, wrote a novel in 1982 called ‘The Virus’ about the government releasing a deadly Virus into the population as cover for population control using a forced vaccine. I am serious. Clown show.

Is Stanley Johnson's Marburg Virus Book About Vaccine Depopulation?

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson thinks it is ridiculous that UK’s population is at 70 million and he says that it should be reduced to 10 to 15 million. Watch the short video here: his population control theory to reduce UK inhabitants to ‘10 or 15 million’.

This British PM’s father, Boris Johnson, who wrote a novel about governments using a virus and forced vaccination as a form of depopulation and population control. One book he wrote is called “The Marburg Virus”.

Stanley wrote several books about the overpopulation of England and the world, and demanded that the world population be reduced.

Does the apple fall far from the tree..?

Imagine jabbing a population with something that a government has stated that they do not know what its impact on fertility is? 🧐


Truth : Stanley Johnson’s Marburg Virus Book Is NOT About Vaccine Depopulation!

This is yet another example of anti-vaccination FAKE NEWS, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Stanley Johnson’s Novel Was Called The Marburg Virus

Stanley Johnson published his novel, The Marburg Virus, in 1982.

It was renamed as The Virus when it was republished by Witness Impulse in 2020, to capitalise on the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you may surmise, the Marburg virus is a different virus from SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 virus. Republishing the novel with the old name may not help with sales.

Fact #2 : Plot Did Not Involve Government Releasing A Deadly Virus

The plot of Stanley Johnson’s novel did not involve any government releasing a deadly virus into the population as a cover for population control.

It was about a fictional epidemiologist, Lowell Kaplan, who is trying to track down the source of a deadly outbreak of the Marburg virus that started in New York.

It only tells of the US and USSR (yes, it was published when the USSR still existed!) racing to control the main vector of the virus – African green monkeys.

Is Stanley Johnson's Marburg Virus Book About Vaccine Depopulation?

Fact #3 : Plot Did Not Involve Population Control

The book does not mention population control even once. Neither did it suggest that a vaccine was used to kill people, to reduce population size.

In fact, its plot involved the creation of a vaccine, which one character said was given out to 200 million Americans, to save their lives.

That’s the complete opposite of population control. Like in real life, the vaccine in the book saved lives.

Fact #4 : Marburg Virus Is Completely Different From SARS-CoV-2

The Marburg virus was not a new virus, even when Stanley Johnson wrote about it in 1982 – it was discovered in 1967, in Marburg, Germany.

It is also a completely different virus from SARS-CoV-2, in many ways :

  • it’s from a different virus family – Filoviridae, not Coronaviridae
  • it’s very deadly, with a mortality rate of 24% to 88%
  • it spreads through direct contact with blood and/or bodily fluids
  • it does not transmit as easily, and has low pandemic risk

Read more : Did WHO announce a new pandemic virus called Marburg?

Did WHO Announce A New Pandemic Virus Called Marburg?

Fact #5 : UK Does Not Have Forced COVID-19 Vaccination

The suggestion that Boris Johnson’s father influenced him to reduce population through forced vaccination is nonsensical, because the United Kingdom does NOT have forced COVID-19 vaccination.

No one in the UK is forced to get vaccinated against COVID-19. That’s why there are still about 6.25 million unvaccinated people in the UK – 9.3% of its population.

Fact #6 : UK Has Very High Vaccination Rates

There is, frankly, no need for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the United Kingdom, because they have fully-vaccinated over 83% of their population.

More importantly, the UK population isn’t dropping due to COVID-19 vaccination. People are NOT dying from the COVID-19 vaccines, as suggested by the fake message.

UK Vaccination Rate 2022-01-20

Fact #7 : Stanley Johnson Was Against Migrants

Stanley Johnson believes that the UK’s population should be reduced to reduce its impact on the environment.

But he never once mentioned using vaccines as a method for population control. Instead, he spoke out against migrants, and a lack of family planning in poor countries.

The issue of migration is of course of fundamental importance in the overall demographic picture. UK’s key population statistics are increasingly influenced by migration. During Labour’s 13 years, net inward migration totalled a staggering 3.6 million. There has also there been a significant introduction of women born overseas who are of child-bearing age, and inclined in any case to favour large families.

The place to solve the migrant and refugee crisis is in the countries where the potential migrants and refugees originate. The harsh truth is that, in vast areas of the globe, birth-rates remain much too high and per capita incomes ridiculously low.

Fact #8 : No One Controls Population Through Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines have not only been proven safe, they have also been proven to prevent severe disease and deaths.

In short, COVID-19 vaccines save lives. That is the OPPOSITE of population control.

If any devious organisation or person wants to reduce population, then they would try to scare people into not protecting themselves against COVID-19 using vaccines. Exactly what anti-vaccination activists are doing.


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