Shebby Singh Received Booster Dose 2 Days Before He Died?

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Did former national footballer Shebby Singh get vaccinated with the booster dose 2 days before he died?

Take a look at this viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Shebby Singh Received Booster Dose 2 Days Before He Died!

A blogger who calls himself Fernz The Great (real name : Joe Fernandez) posted an article claiming that that former footballer Shebby Singh died from the booster dose he received 2 days earlier.

This was then shared on WhatsApp where it went viral. Fernz The Great also posted it on LinkedIn.

BREAKING NEWS! … Shebby Singh had booster dose two days before he died …

My guess was right ..
Only that they didn’t say what booster vaccine he took but I can more or less say it’s Pfzier since a lot of people who took Pfzier are now having myocarditis ..

UPDATE . . . It seems that Shebby Singh had the booster dose two days before he died.

The gov’t will deny he died because of the vaccine.

They will claim that he died after not resting for at least three weeks from the 3rd dose. It’s known from media reports that vaccination, like exercise, affects the heart. The organ may be inflammed temporarily, or permanently, after the vaccine. It won’t be able to cope with exercise carried out within three weeks of a dose.

According to sources in the social media, Singh appeared very tired after the booster dose. That may indicate heart problems and insufficient oxygen intake probably caused by fibrosis i.e. hardening of the lung cells. If fibrosis reaches 50 per cent, the patient will drop dead.

Shebby Singh Received Booster Dose 2 Days Before He Died?


Truth : Shebby Singh Did NOT Receive Booster Dose 2 Days Before He Died!

The truth is – Serbegeth Singh (popularly known as Shebby Singh) did NOT receive his booster dose 2 days before he died.

He also did not die from his COVID-19 booster dose, as suggested by Fernz The Great, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Shebby Singh Received Booster Dose 5 Days Prior

Fernz The Great claimed that Shebby received his COVID-19 booster dose 2 days before he died.

The truth is – he received it on 7 January 2022 – 5 days before the incident. This was confirmed by his son, Sonuljit Singh :

He had it on Jan 7 and left us five days later as everyone knows. We do not know what booster shot he had taken as the MySejahtera app had not been updated yet.

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Shebby Singh son Sonuljit Singh
Sonuljit Singh and relatives outside the Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Photo credit : Ben Tan, Malay Mail

Fact #2 : Shebby Singh Died From Heart Attack

Sonuljit also confirmed that the post-mortem results showed that his father died from a heart attack, not the booster dose.

“The doctors told us the cause of his death was 99 percent related to a heart attack as his post mortem showed three of his coronary arteries having blockages.

All his vital organs were in perfect working condition, and there were also no signs of any allergic reaction.

His heart was ready to go at any time, and it had nothing to do with the booster shot.”

Fact #3 : Atherosclerosis Takes Time To Build Up

I personally pointed out to Fernz The Great that he was posting misinformation. His response was to point out that Sonuljit said that his “father’s three arteries [were] almost completely blocked!

Fernz The Great is suggesting that the COVID-19 vaccines caused Shebby’s heart arteries to clog up. That’s complete nonsense.

Atherosclerosis is the gradual buildup of plaque (fats, cholesterol and other substances) in and on the artery walls. This happens over a long period of time – years.

Eventually, the plaques grow so big they significantly narrow your arteries, and block blood flow. They can also burst and break off, and cause blood clots.

This takes years to form, and is highly dependent on diet, so it is simply not possible for COVID-19 vaccines to cause.

Fact #4 : Side Effects Are Evidence Of Vaccines Working

Fernz The Great also said (without evidence) that Shebby looked very tired after getting the booster shot, and suggested that it was giving him heart problems and insufficient oxygen intake.

That’s complete and utter nonsense.

Vaccines work by triggering our body’s immune system to identify the pathogen, and make antibodies against it.

Whenever we get vaccinated, we should expect to get some side effects – muscle ache, fever, etc. These side effects generally dissipate quickly, usually within 1-3 days.

That’s our body’s reaction to what it thinks is a real infection. It’s really no different than how our body would behave if we actually got infected.

So, it is not surprising for Shebby to feel unwell for a day or two after getting his COVID-19 vaccination.

Shebby’s son, Sonuljit, has called for people to show some respect to his late father and family, and stop spreading fake news.

Now that you know the truth about Shebby’s death, please STOP sharing Fernz The Great’s fake news, and SHARE this fact check instead!


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