Scam Alert : TnG eWallet 5th Anniversary Survey!

Please watch out for the TnG eWallet 5th Anniversary survey scam!

Find out why it is just a SCAM, and WARN your family and friends!


TnG eWallet 5th Anniversary Survey Scam Alert!

People are now sharing the TnG eWallet 5th Anniversary messages on WhatsApp :

Touch n’Go eWallet 5th Anniversary!

Click to enter to participate in the survey, have a chance to win 2000 Ringgit .


TnG eWallet 5th Anniversary Survey : Why This Is A Scam

Unfortunately, this is yet another survey scam, like the FamilyMart 70th Anniversary scam!

For one thing – the TnG eWallet was only launched in July 2017, so it would only be celebrating its 5th anniversary in July 2022!

TnG eWallet also confirmed that this survey is a scam.

I know many of us are in dire straits during this COVID-19 pandemic, having lost jobs, income or even loved ones.

Unfortunately, scammers are counting on our desperation to prey on us, using the same survey scam they have been using for years :

Now, let me show you how to spot these scams next time!

If you spot any of these warning signs, DO NOT PROCEED and DO NOT SHARE!

Warning Sign #1 : Bad Grammar

Most of these scammers do not have a good command of the English language, so if you spot bad grammar, stay away.

This scammer even got the spelling of the brand wrong! It’s Touch ‘n Go, not Touch n’Go.

Proper contests or events sponsored by major brands like TnG eWallet will have a PR or marketing person who will vet the text before allowing it to be posted.

Warning Sign #2 : Offering You Free Money Or Gifts

Please do NOT be naive. No one is going to give you money or free gifts just to participate in a survey!

Touch ‘n Go isn’t going to give you so much FREE money, just because it’s their anniversary.

They are a corporation whose business is to make money, not a charity to give you free money.

Warning Sign #3 : Not Using The Real Domain

A genuine TNG eWallet campaign would use their real domain – or, not as shown in the scam post above.

Or they would run it off the official TnG eWallet page on Facebook –

If you see nonsensical domains like,,, etc. that’s a sign of a SCAM!

Warning Sign #4 : Asking You To Forward The Offer

No matter how many times you “try” this scam, you will ALWAYS win the RM 2000 “prize”.

If you don’t find that odd, you should know that no brand will insist that you must share the offer with 5 groups or 20 friends on WhatsApp.

Do not click to forward their offer to your family and friends. They will not appreciate being scammed with your help!

Warning Sign #5 : Asking You To Download + Register An App

If you click through and joined the fake survey scam, you may eventually be asked to download and register for an app.

That is VERY DANGEROUS. Never agree to download and register for any unknown app from a website.

Always download your apps from an official App Store like Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) and Apple App Store (for iPhones).


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